SOVRN Review: Should You Use This Ad Network?

June 28, 2019
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SOVRN Review

A client recently asked me to help him set up some ads on his blog.

He had already applied with AdSense and was rejected. Fortunately, this guy is persistent.
Not only are there plenty of other ad networks out there to choose from, but he can also reapply with AdSense later, and will probably get approved. His blog just needs some more time and content.

So, I did some research on the current market of ad networks out there today, and I zeroed in on an ad network called SOVRN (pronounced Sovereign). Based on the high reviews and testimonials I found from some people in the industry I trust, I decided to choose SOVRN for my client.

Although it’s early, I wanted to go ahead and write about SOVRN so you can at least get an idea of my initial experience of setting it up. Later on, we will see over time how much revenue it generates.

Right now, let’s look at how easy (or not so easy) this ad network was to set up.

SOVRN Review – The Setup

The first thing you are going to do when you choose to go with SOVRN is to set up your account.

SOVRN review
Btw, isn’t this little girl in the SOVRN home page video adorable or what?

Just click on that SIGN UP button atop the right corner of their home page to get started.

Using SOVRN is free, which is always nice. What you have here is a risk free opportunity to ad some revenue to your blog.

So signing up is the easy part.

Once that is done, you are ready to place the ads on your website.

And frankly, this is where my SOVRN review gets interesting…

SOVRN Review – Placing the Ads on Your Site

My experience with the setting up process are mixed.

On the one hand, I like the user dashboard you get with your SOVRN account. I found that to be easy to navigate and use.


SOVRN review

Above is a glimpse of the Ad Tags tab, where you create the ads you want to use.

This was easy to use, however, I had to dig up a video on YouTube to help me get started.

One thing that SOVRN could get better at is providing their publishers with some tutorial videos on how to use their product(s). They do offer some written instructions here:

SOVRN review

However, many people prefer video tutorials for learning. Hopefully SOVRN will add videos to their Getting Started section in the future.

Alright, so once I was ready to begin placing the tags into my client’s blog, I ran into some some trouble.

SOVRN REVIEW – Customer Service

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the ads placed correctly on the site.

I found this part to be difficult, and unfortunately, I could not find any tutorials on how to do this–I couldn’t find anything on the SOVRN site or YouTube.

So I had to contact customer service.

Good News: I was pleased with their customer service.

Granted, it did take some time.

I was told to use a plugin that ended up not working at all.

And I spent a 45 minute call with customer support that went nowhere.

I was hopeful the call would be educational. I shared my screen and followed the directions.

But that ultimately didn’t succeed.

So why am I praising SOVRN’s customer support?

Because I found myself liking Nathan, who was sent to help me.

He had a great demeanor the entire time, and stuck with it.

He eventually figured out a better way to go about placing the ads onto my client’s site.

However, Nathan ended up doing it himself.

(I set him up with a user login.)

I guess the process is quite complicated. He wasn’t able to walk me through it.

But at least he did complete the mission.

SOVRN Review – Thumbs Up or Down? 

Overall, I would say my thumb is pointing horizontally, in between up and down.

Some of my experiences with SOVRN so far have been positive–like their customer service and easy to use dashboard.

On the other hand, when it was time to take their tag codes and place them in the blog, that is when the negatives showed up.

Placing the ads on the blog was cumbersome. I had to get help. And even with help, it took a few tries before the ads were done.

As for the revenue, a lot of this will depend on the traffic my client generates. SOVRN uses the CPM payment model (cost per mille – per thousands of impressions).

Since the blog is quite new in the game, I don’t have any amazing dollar amounts to report at this time.

SOVRN Review – In Closing

That is my experience with the SOVRN ad network so far. I wanted to give you a completely transparent account of the experience, and have done so here.

If you are looking at ad networks, I do think SOVRN is worth considering. Perhaps your set up will go smoother than mine?

Let me know if you have any questions or want to share your SOVRN experiences in the comments.


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