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September 30, 2019
stats about content marketing
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These stats about content marketing are a “must read” if you are business blogger.

Because blogging is a part of the advertising and marketing world, and finding the right tool that will reach your audience as well as help the overall growth of your business is essential. This is why in the past few years since the internet won first place as the best information and entertainment tool, marketers began experimenting with new marketing methods. And it wasn’t long ago that they landed on groundbreaking results with content marketing. The content marketing stats below illustrate this.

Content marketing has reserved its place as one of the most beneficial and efficient advertising and promotion tools businesses can use. With the use of fresh, interesting, and appealing content, this type of promotional content has been shown to generate 3 times more leads per dollar spent than paid search and other marketing methods. According to research conducted in 2018, more than 80% of marketers viewed content marketing as a key strategy, and more than 90 percent said this was the most efficient method to reach an audience.

In the past few years, most large businesses have focused their content marketing strategies on branches such as social media, infographics, e-books, illustrations, and case studies. The content based around them is usually created internally, with some parts being user-generated.

So, one thing we can take away from all of these stats about content marketing is that the key to quality digital promotions is for business bloggers to create content for the people they need to reach. A good way businesses can achieve this is through feedback.

So, feedback from sales, website analytics, or plain old researching and interviewing the target audience is the best way to improve the type of content one shares and the best type of marketing to go with it.

Now, let’s look at these stats about content marketing that show what successful content marketers are doing–check out this amazing infographic!

2019 Content Marketing Statistics: What Type Of Content Works For You?

One way in which you can clearly see the effectiveness of content marketing is through historical contribution. Its roots date back to the late-19th century. At the time, technological advances allowed businesses to start building a stronger connection with their customers by publishing various magazines, documents, and publications in which they shared more information about specific products, machines, etc.

By using this technique of providing information about specific products and services while following the latest modern trends throughout the world, businesses are able to reach their target audience. What’s more, they can engage with the actual people, listen to their ideas, appeal to them, and build a strong connection. Estimates have shown that content marketing is ten times more effective than picture and text content combined.

If content marketing continues to develop at this pace, the global content marketing industry is expected to see an annual growth of 16%, which in terms of value represents an increase from $195.6 billion to $412 billion by 2021. Other market predictions coming from experts on content reveal that the most prominent type of content currently is and will remain evergreen video content, which is expected to represent a record 82% of all IP traffic.

I hope you learned something new from these stats about content marketing.

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  1. Phillip Dews says:    •   4 months

    Wow some stats there are really interesting. 42% of Marketers could not measure their Campaign results. That for me was surprising, That’s the first thing I want to measure to see if my efforts are paying off and returning a decent ROI otherwise whats the point.

    As a freelancer I want to know what works and what does not in order to tweak my services. I also want to attract new clients by providing value and helpful stuff which is why I started my blog. After ten years of building websites I think I know a thing or two about websites and what works so providing decent content that will help website owners and bloggers alike will in turn gain me more clients.

    Interesting and thought provoking peice Matt.
    Really enjoyed it.


  2. Sathish Arumugam says:    •   4 months

    Really informative and helpful infographics, Matthew. Especially, the techniques you have shared to targeting audience. It’s strategic. As you said, the customers will buy only from the retailers who know the history of their purchase and what they need further. Hence, personalization and remarketing work well in retail industries in improving sales. Great inputs!

  3. Billy James says:    •   4 months

    Thanks for sharing your tips and suggestion to improve content marketing. But I also noticed many websites have lot of content on their websites but still they are not ranking. Do you know what is the key factor for content marketing?