This Teen Entrepreneur Will Make You Wish You Blogged Sooner; The Marc Guberti Story [Episode 06 of The Blog Chronicles]

August 10, 2016

teen entrepreneur

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Blog Chronicles, hosted by Matthew Loomis.

Today we’re going to be talking with teen entrepreneur Marc Guberti.

Marc has been a blogger for seven-years now. Yet today he is still just eighteen-years old.

He is a real teen entrepreneur who started his first business in middle School. He is also a self-taught social media expert.

With over 294K Twitter followers and over 44K Facebook followers, Marc is earning passive income with his blog, (something I’ll ask him about.) He also makes time to mentor other teenagers who are interested in becoming teen entrepreneurs.

How does he do all this along with attending high school and running track?

Well let’s find out by adding Marc Guberti to The Blog Chronicles!

This high schooler generates passive online income from his blog!

Interview Transcript: Teen Entrepreneur Marc Guberti

(For those who like to read.)

Matthew Loomis: Hi Marc.

Welcome to the show.

Marc Guberti: Thank you for having me Matt.

It’s a pleasure to be here.

How Old Were You When You First Started Blogging?

Matthew Loomis: So how old were you exactly when you started blogging?

Marc Guberti: I was first eleven-years-old when I started blogging.

I didn’t really see it as blogging from the business standpoint. I was just blogging for fun about the Boston Red Sox. As a New Yorker, it is really hard to be a Red Sox fan.

So the blog was a way for me to connect with other Red Sox fans, even though they’re very rare in my area.

How Did You Get To Be A Red Sox Fan In N.Y?

Matthew Loomis: Hahaha… Wow, that sounds like a whole topic for a show unto itself.

How did you get to be a Red Sox fan in New York?

Marc Guberti: Hahaha… Everyone has that question for me.

I’m like one of those dedicated ones. I’ve got a pair of ”Red Sox” socks.

Anyone on the track knows that I wear these pair of socks everyday, but I have like multiple pairs of the same ones. So it’s not like they’re all smelly.

Matthew Loomis: Hahahaha…

Marc Guberti: Anyway I became a Red Sox fan in 2004.

FYI* It was a night 86 years in the making for the Boston Red Sox and generations of their fans. On Oct. 27,2004, the Red Sox officially ended the Curse of the Bambino, finishing a four-game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to win their first World Series since 1918.

They had won the world series, so I started off as a bandwagon fan, but I’ve been a fan of them ever since.

Matthew Loomis: Wow! Okay.

Yeah, I’m a Royals fan actually. So I’m from Kansas City.

Marc Guberti: Oh, I could see why then.

Where Did Your ”Business Mind” Come From?

Matthew Loomis: It makes sense right? 

The last two years have been a lot of fun. But this year awwww not so much, but anyway…

You know your story is pretty inspiring. This is the first time we’ve actually talked.

I started following you online, probably two years ago and I’ve seen you basically kind of grow up before my eyes. I mean it’s kind of like watching a young actor on television, over the course of several years of on the show growing up.

Now you have done this on your blog and I find this fascinating that your niche is like very business minded. Its like social media marketing, content  marketing, blogging, digital marketing and topics like that.

Now you did start out in middle school covering baseball, which is a cool niche in and of itself.

You seem like you’re pretty mature and a lot of teenagers do focus on sports or on video games or music or niches like that. So you know, most teens would gravitate more towards those topics.

For someone your age you appear to be incredibly business minded and I’m wondering where did this come from?

Marc Guberti: Well, the teen entrepreneur business minded mentality came from this: I have this Red Sox blog and I enjoyed writing about it and that evolved into other blogs.

So I wrote a blog about yoyo cards. I wrote a blog about Legos.

At another point and the key question I had for myself was, how can I get more traffic to these sites?

So my mom told me about Twitter. She said, ”create a Twitter account. It’s great for you to get more exposure”.

So I decided to create that Twitter account and then I would tweet my blog posts and that’s when the love for social media really started to develop.

I saw that I was getting some traffic. Some traction and I was learning more and more about Twitter and the other social networks.

This acquired knowledge gave me a love for it.

I realized a lot of people needed it. So it was a perfect combination of, ”You want to provide this to the world and the world wants it”.

How Would You Describe Your Niche?

Matthew Loomis: Right.

So it’s kind of an evolution over time. You started several different blogs beforehand as a teen entrepreneur and then you kind of fell into this niche.

How would you describe your niche exactly?

Marc Guberti: I would describe my niche as the digital marketing niche.

Which comprises of social media marketing, blogging and anything else within the digital atmosphere.

How Much Time Do You Spend Blogging?

Matthew Loomis: Right, we’re kind of in the same niche more or less.

So I’m curious, how much time do you spend each day on your blog?

Marc Guberti: That depends on the given day.

So some days I’m going to spend a few hours to create the blog posts. So my longest ones are the ones that are over five-thousand words.

Those take me a solid day, just to finish those.

On other days, there’s a stronger focus on social media marketing. I want to get the word out there for my blog. Typically I’m working about four to five hours each day.

During the summer and then anytime I can during the school year.

You’re Still In School, Right?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

So you are still in school right?

Marc Guberti: Yeah, I’m still in school.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So you’re on summer break?

Marc Guberti: Yeah.

I’m on summer break right now. So I’ve got a lot more time obviously, but I do manage to find in the extra time during school.

As a teen entrepreneur I’ve learned to sacrifice the other things like watching T.V and playing video games.

That came later on in my journey, but it’s allowed me to open up so much extra time during the school year.

How Do Your Friends React To What You Do?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah, that’s what I wanted to ask you about.

You know as a young person, that’s really devoting a lot of time to blogging and finding success.

like how do your friends react to what you do?

Marc Guberti: Well, there are mixed reactions.

A lot of them are congratulatory. Like they’re very happy that I’m doing it. There aren’t as many of them that are curious about, ”How can I start”?

That is something that I wish could be changed.

I wish that more teenagers could realize this potential. They do see it and they understand what I’m doing.

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

So they understand, but you are finding some teenagers out there that are entrepreneurial minded, is that true?

Marc Guberti: Yes.

Some of them, they have the teen entrepreneur mindset that they could be developed and they could create blogs.

Some of them are interested in actually making it happen. So that’s what I’m really happy about, when I encounter those teenagers.

Do You Do Any Coaching?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Do you like help the teen entrepreneur? Coach them,  mentor them?

Marc Guberti: If they have questions I answer them.

I make myself more available to teenagers.

I remember starting out and I remember the level of difficulty, but also the level of gratification reward for starting out so early.

So I like to extend myself extra amount of time towards other teenagers trying to become successful online.

How Are Your Parents With All This?

Matthew Loomis: Mm mm.

How are your parents, you know with all this?

Marc Guberti: They are actually very supportive of what I’m doing.

I think that’s the reason I’ve made it so far.

I mean, I can’t really say that I’ve made it all by myself. You’ve got to mention the parents. They’ve believed in me they’ve helped me and it’s very valuable what they’ve been able to contribute.

Do Your Mom or Dad Blog?

Matthew Loomis: Do either of them, your mom or your dad have experience with blogging beforehand?

Marc Guberti: I was the first one who plunged into blogging, but my mom and my dad do have entrepreneurial backgrounds.

Matthew Loomis: Oh okay, so that helps.

Marc Guberti: Yeah, that definitely helps.

How Are You Making Money With Your Blog?

Matthew Loomis: So you’re actually making money with your blog?

Marc Guberti: Yes.

Matthew Loomis: How are you doing that?

Marc Guberti: Well, the way I make money with my blog…

At first I looked at lot towards advertising.

Then I realized it’s just ridiculous, it’s like I don’t know how many hundreds or thousand of clicks you need to make a dollar. So that just wasn’t worth it.

The way that I make money with my blog is… I have landing pages, that I get people to subscribe to and then I occasionally promote products to people on my e-mail list.

The Power Of Having An E-mail List

Matthew Loomis: Oh okay.

Did you start your e-mail list really soon into the game as a teen entrepreneur or did that come later?

Marc Guberti: Oh that came way later than I would of liked.

I had a hundred and fifty thousand Twitter followers by the time I started my e-mail list. So my first like three-hundred-thousand blog visitors, had no real to action to subscribe.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

That was the case for me was I started it later and that’s kind of my one regrets. That’s the one thing, if someone asks me what I wish I did sooner?

Definitely the e-mail list comes to mind. So that interesting.

Marc Guberti: I think that’s every marketers regret.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah, it seems to be doesn’t it?

I think people under estimate it and don’t realize it’s power, you know.

Marc Guberti: Yeah.

How Did You Get So Many Followers?

Matthew Loomis: You know you keep mentioning social media.

I want to get into that, because you’re obviously talented in the social media realm. I noticed that you have forty-four-thousand Facebook followers and two-hundred and ninety-five-thousand followers on Twitter?

So how did you do that as a teen entrepreneur?

Marc GubertiWell the most important thing you have to do on social media…

It’s not a focus on growing your audience. 

It’s a focus on growing your target audience.

So on these social media networks, I found out where my target audience like to hangout. I introduced myself to these people through following them or commenting or engaging with them and then these people ended up following my account.

It’s all about putting yourself in front of the right people who are going to appreciate the content you provide in advance. Just by seeing your social media account in action.

Then you get the follow on Twitter the like on Facebook or any other type of interaction.

Why Do You Like Twitter?

Matthew Loomis: Mmmm.

Why do you like Twitter so much?

Marc Guberti: Well Twitter was the first social network that I really went all in on. 

So for a long time I was scattered with all these social networks, so I was mediocre on a bunch of them, but never really good at one of them. So I just literally decided to drop everything for a short time. Go all in on Twitter and that’s when I mastered it.

When you master it on one social network, it just comes so much easier to master the other social networks. It’s like trying to learn the romance languages.

If you learn one romance language, there are certain patterns and their are other romance languages that you can use to help you decode it.

You Have A Free eBook, Right?

Matthew Loomis: Wow, I’ve never heard a teen entrepreneur put that way.

Don’t you have a free eBook, on getting Twitter followers?

Marc Guberti: I have a free eBook called 27 Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter (link in Show Notes below.)

It’s all about getting your messages and your Tweets spread out more so. it does result in more followers, yes.

But the focus on that is to get more people to visit your blog.

How Do You Get More Followers?

Matthew Loomis: Sounds good.

How do people get that?

Marc Guberti: The way that you get more visitors on your blog is; you optimize your tweets for retweets but you would also tweet about your blog very often.

So I’ve tested a lot of different tweeting frequencies. I’ve tweeted four times a day on some days, but now I’m tweeting over a-hundred times per day. To a lot of people that may sound really crazy, but the data does really back it up there.

There was an article published on Kim Garst’s blog, by the CEO of Social Quaint and he tracks ten-million Twitter users and he was able to determine that the people that tweet eighty times per day are getting far more engagement and far more clicks than the people that were tweeting fourteen times per day or less.

Matthew Loomis: Dude, that’s a lot of tweets!

Marc Guberti: It is a lot of tweets but it works.

The thing about Twitter is that the life span of a tweet is eighteen-minutes and most people are just staying on for seventeen-minutes. So even though I’m sending that many tweets, most people are only seeing one or two of those tweets the moment they get published.

How Do You Manage So Many Tweets?

Matthew Loomis: Wow, so how does anybody go to school and has a business, tweet that much? As a teen entrepreneur, how do you do that?

Marc Guberti: There is a tool called Hootsuite.

And I use the pro-upgrade. So the key thing that I use that for is they have something called the bulk message upload and you literally have all your tweets pre-written in a CSV file and just in six clicks to upload and click schedule.

I could schedule over a hundred tweets in just six clicks.

Do You Outsource Your Social Media?

Matthew Loomis: Wow.

So do you do any outsourcing of your social media or is this all hands on you?

Marc Guberti: Oh I definitely do outsourcing.

FYI*Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally. Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly for the teen entrepreneur.

I feel like if I spent too much time on social media the rest of my business will fall apart. So I do outsource some of the tasks, such as scheduling tweets  and other things for my social media as well.

Matthew Loomis: Right, okay.

Which Service Do You Use?

I’m curious, so what service do you use for your outsourcing?

Marc Guberti: For all my freelancers so far I’ve gone to Upwork.

So if you post a job and you have a good description detailing what you what them to do, but clear enough so it’s easy for them to understand.

You post it into Upwork and then you would see the job applications come up and then it’s just a matter of choosing the best freelancer and communicating with that freelancer throughout the process.

How Do People Get Your Free eBook?

Matthew Loomis: I’ll be linking in the show to Upwork.

How do people get your free eBook on Twitter?

Marc Guberti: So there are several ways you could do it.

I occasionally tweet about it, but the easiest way just go on my blog (link in Show Notes.)

And it’s one of the first things that comes up. It’s on the side bar right now and I currently have a welcome mat set up where this message will automatically scroll down. If you just put your e-mail in there, I’ll be able to send you the eBook.

Have You Mastered Facebook?

Matthew Loomis: Sounds great.

So with forty-four-thousand Facebook users, do you feel like you’ve mastered Facebook.

Marc Guberti: I feel like with Facebook and any social net work it’s a constant journey.

To continue reaching out to as many people as possible. Getting as many positive results as possible. So I did talk about mastering Twitter earlier, but I’m still learning Twitter also.

Like how can I go from three-hundred followers per day, to three-hundred and fifty followers. Like even when you hit these milestones, like one-hundred-thousand or two-hundred-thousand.

I’m coming up to three-hundred-thousand, Twitter followers… even when you hit these milestones, you still want to grow even more and reach out to even more people.

Does Twitter Still Have a Good Future?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

So you know I’ve kind of been hearing some people kind of down on Twitter lately. Are you pretty pro Twitter still, do you think it has a good future?

Marc Guberti: I think Twitter has a really good future.

I was a little worrisome too about it, but Twitter does have over three-hundred-million active users. It will still grow obviously, but even if it doesn’t grow, you still have three-hundred-million people you can interact with.

Twitter has made a lot of nice changes recently to increase the likelihood that people will stay on it.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

As a teen entrepreneur, do you include a lot of visuals with your tweets?

Marc Guberti: Not all the tweets.

The bulk message upload doesn’t support pictures yet, but when I am sending out a tweet without the bulk message upload. I am including pictures, because pictures in any social media post, will increase engagement.

So for Instagram and Pinterest you are required to have a picture, but even for the ones like Facebook and Twitter where you are not required, it’s good to have the pictures anyway.

What’s the Best Social Media Platform to Reach Teenagers?

Matthew Loomis: So Marc when it comes to social media and reaching an audience, lets suppose my target audiences teenagers. What’s the best social media platforms a teen entrepreneur like you can use to reach other teenagers?

Marc Guberti: Well my understanding of social media is that Tumblr has a really good amount of millenials.

Every social network really has a lot of teenagers on it. Now some of them more than others, but you just want to choose that one that you’re the most comfortable with.

So lets say for instance, (I’m making these numbers up); Twitter has twenty-million teens on it and Facebook has a hundred-million teens on it.

I know those numbers are really off but for Twitter it would be better to reach out to all those teens, than on Facebook to reach out to ten-percent of those teens.

So I would just focus on the social network that you are the best with. With these social networks they have a hundred-million users now. So they all have millions of teenagers using them.

Are You Using Google Plus?

Matthew Loomis: Are you using Google Plus?

Marc Guberti: Oh, hahaha.

I know there’s some teens using it.

I mean I do have a Google Plus account. I do not use it as often as I used to. I do understand now that not all the teens use the social networks so I’ll just drop this one in…

Snapchat is gettng really adopted by the teenagers.

So Snapchat, if you master that, you’re going to get access to a lot of teens.

What If Someone Wants To Learn How To Use Snapchat?

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

Yeah, I was going to ask you about Snapchat.  I hear that all the time, you know the teens love it.

So if  somebody out there wants to learn how to use Snapchat, some fifty-year old or teen entrepreneur, do you offer anything on your blog to help them to learn how to use Snapchat?

Marc Guberti: Well I don’t have eBooks or training courses on it yet.

I did recently write a blog post, that’s all about using Snapchat and the different things you could post there. It’s a really fascinating social network, because there’s no discoverability, like on Twitter you search for people.

On Snapchat you don’t have that option, but they have this cool thing called the QR code. So if you go onto my blog there’s something on the sidebar, it shows my QR code.

Which is something where you take a snap of the picture, you automatically follow me on Snapchat, just by taking a picture.

Do You See More and More Adults Using Snapchat?

Matthew Loomis: Mmmm. Interesting.

Yeah, I haven’t gotten on Snapchat yet.

Do you see more and more adults using it now?

Marc Guberti: Oh yeah.

It was one of the biggest social networks in the social media marketing world conversation.

There are  some people who, they are so serious about Snapchat that they have their own custom made T-shirts, just with their QR code on it so they can literally gain followers as people at the event take pictures of their T-shirts.

What Is Your Secret as Far as Prioritizing Goes?

Matthew Loomis: Fascinating. Wow. Yeah, I’ll have to look into that.

What is your secret as far as prioritizing all the social media and blogging; when you have school you have a family, you have your business, you know how do you prioritize all this as a teen entrepreneur?

Marc Guberti: I prioritize all my work by assessing it and thinking, if I accomplish this, what is going to be the level of impact and how much of my time and energy will this take?

So if I find something that doesn’t require too much of my time and energy and gets me significant results. Those are the best, but I am willing to invest a lot of time and energy if it’s a really good result.

So I’m keeping an eye on what the results are going to be, and if it’s possible with my given schedule.

What Are You Currently Doing To Help the Teen Entrepreneur Out There?

Matthew Loomis: Mmmm. Interesting.

So you obviously have a passion for helping the teen entrepreneur and you like to help them see that the internet has no age barrier. Which is one reason why I wanted to talk to you.

So what are some things that you’re doing to help the teen entrepreneur succeed?

Marc Guberti: Well the way that we are helping teen entrepreneurs is that my brother and I co-founded a teenager entrepreneur bootcamp. 

Which we basically have several teens for one week in the summer and we just teach them what we know about finding your passion and creating products. Promoting those products.

Then the propelling points are like how do you take the lessons from your bootcamp and then apply them afterwards.

So that is one of the ways, I am starting to evolve that into more on the online side.

We target more teens and share with them that this is possible.

So I’m updating the teen entrepreneur blog more, and I’m also coming out with a teen entrepreneur video series on YouTube:

So every week I’m going to eventually post something on YouTube that teens can learn from and it’s specifically geared towards them.

Whats The Domain Name?

Matthew Loomis: Wow, that bootcamp sounds pretty cool.

Yeah, what’s the domain to that? How can people get more information on them?

Marc Guberti: The domain is: teenager entrepreneur dot com

What Can A Teen Do If He Realizes He Has Entrepreneurial Skills?

Matthew Loomis: Okay, I’ll be putting that in the Show Notes as well.

If a teen listening to Marc, thinks they might be an entrepreneur, what can they do to know for sure? Because as you know being your own boss, isn’t for everybody, right?

Marc Guberti: Well my belief is that you just want to follow your dream.

I think anyone could really be following their dream. I understand that some people, not everyone likes to be the boss.

But if you don’t like being the boss, don’t view it that way. View it as chasing your dream, over being a boss. If that isn’t your style.

So I do believe that anyone can do it. If you are a teen listening to this and you are under a cusp and you don’t know whether to… like this is your thing or not.

Just try it out, get it started.

Create a pretty blog and see if this is the right thing for you.

Where Can I Share This To Get To More Teens?

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

This is good. I’m going to go ahead and ask you this and this is part of the show. You know I’d like to make sure that teens in general and the teen entrepreneur hear this interview.

So aside from the typical Twitter Facebook platforms, where are some other places that I can share this interview to reach more teens.

Marc Guberti: Snapchat is the social network where a lot of teens gather:

Also Tumblr:

Matthew Loomis: Okay. Those two.

Marc Guberti: Just any of those social networks in general.

Just anywhere where they go. They have a higher activity on some of the social networks than others, but they’re definitely on all the different social networks.

Do You Use Medium?

Matthew Loomis: Do you use Medium very much?

Marc Guberti: I used it a little bit.

It was awesome that, what Medium does is that, any of your Twitter followers on Medium automatically become your Medium followers.

So it felt good to get ten-thousand Medium followers overnight, but you can’t really consider it overnight technically, but I do use it on occasion.

How Did You Know So Early In Your Life, That You Wanted To Start A Business?

Matthew Loomis: Okay.

How did you know Marc, so early on in your life, that you wanted to be a teen entrepreneur?

Marc Guberti: Well I don’t think I knew right away.

I guess technically at twelve you sort of, but when I started my blog about the Red Sox, I wasn’t thinking… How can I turn my blog into a money-maker that impacts people all over the world.

I was thinking more… This is something I enjoy doing and I realized, wow… This thing that I enjoy doing can be turned into a full time income so that pursed that journey to make it happen.

So it was based on me enjoying the whole process and then realizing, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

How Blogging Has Changed Marc Guberti’s Life

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

I’m going to go ahead and ask you this question. I usually close with this question, but it’s such a nice segue here.

How has blogging changed your life Marc?

Marc Guberti: Blogging has changed my life in a lot of different ways.

Its allowed me to impact a lot of different people. It’s also helped with getting a lot of confidence, because being able to hit the publish button and putting your content on the Web for the whole world to see… That’s some thing you have to be very brave to do that in the beginning.

I mean you and I, we don’t think about that anymore.

Matthew Loomis: Mmm mm.

Marc Guberti: Like we just hit ”publish” and we’re like, ”yeah another piece of content out into the world”.

When you’re hitting publish for the first time it’s a really scary process, but you don’t really know what people are going to say.

Matthew Loomis: Yeah.

Marc GubertiSo for me personally… The confidence and being able to enjoy what I’m doing… that’s the biggest impact on me personally. To provide content that people want and that people are learning from…

That’s something that means a lot to me also.

What Do You Want To Achieve By The Time You’re Thirty?

Matthew Loomis: That’s awesome. Great.

So by the time you’re thirty, what do you think your online business is going to look like?

Marc Guberti: Hahaha…  Well a lot of crazy things can happen within the next twelve years.

I’m expecting to have a really large audience. Just being able to impact more people.

I’m thinking by the time I am thirty, that I could have one-million Twitter followers, but I don’t want to throw out too many numbers.

So I’ll give you one-million Twitter followers, that’s what I’m going for by thirty.

Matthew Loomis: Haha… Alright!

That sounds great. Good ambition there.

But they’re going to be quality followers, right?  Teen entrepreneur followers, eh? 😉

Marc Guberti: Oh. All quality.

I mean I could have one-million followers tomorrow, but it’s not going to be very real.

Matthew Loomis: Exactly. Right.

So Marc, where can people go to follow you online?

How To Connect With Marc Guberti

Marc Guberti: The best place to go is my website: Marc Guberti dot com (link in Show Notes.)

It’s a place where I post all my blog post content.

As you mentioned before, people can go there and get my free eBook: 27 Ways To Get More Retweets On Twitter.

Matthew Loomis: Fantastic!

Marc it’s been a pleasure talking with you today on The Blog Chronicles.

Marc Guberti: Thank you Matt, it’s been a pleasure.

I enjoyed this interview with teen entrepreneur Marc Guberti!

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of The Blog Chronicles.

If you enjoy the show please subscribe on YouTube or iTunes and leave a rating or review to help other bloggers find us.

If you want to chat with me on Twitter, look up me up on: @mattloomis

Next Time On The Blog Chronicles

In the next episode we will be talking with a former coal miner who has transformed himself into a blogger and social media expert working his online business from home while enjoying daily lunches with his two young children.

In 2008 he didn’t know what a blog was. Today he’s just launched a really cool new project that is going to help many bloggers like you develop online relationships.

These online relationships will dramatically speed up your progress and get you the results you’ve been searching for.


Come join me on the next episode of The Blog Chronicles and I’ll ask him to share how it works.

See ya next time.

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  1. Patti Smith says:    •   3 years

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      Hi Lynn,

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