Video Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners – The 60 Second Blog Report

March 7, 2015
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In this report, Matthew visits the Viral Video Marketing Blog to see what blogger Christian Vedder considers to be 10 powerful video marketing tips for small business owners. See the video or read the transcript below.


This is the 60 Second Blog Report.  News & Views with Matthew

Today, every business owner understands the importance of using video to help  market their brand. But, the question is: are you using video? And if you are using video, are you using it effectively?

Christian Vedder of Viral Video Marketing recently posted on his blog at, the 10 Powerful Video Marketing Tips for Small Business.

These are excellent tips for business bloggers.

Video Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

1. Yes, you should focus on mobile apps. Absolutely.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your videos.

3. Measure your results. Make sure your videos are actually doing what they should.

4. Keep it short. Attention spans are definitely short these days.

5. Make sure it (your video) is tablet friendly.

6. Be creative. Change it up. Don’t just do the same thing all the time.

7. And please, don’t forsake SE. You still need it today.

8. Choose your music carefully. Make sure there’s no copyright infringements going on there.

9. And remember to link. [a tenth tip was not in the video. You can see it below this transcript]

As Christian says here, “An incredible 75% of viewers who watch an entire video click through to the marketer’s web page.”

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This is the 60 Second Blog Report

Here’s the tenth video marketing tip not on the video:

Target Millennials

If you’re figuring out who the low-hanging fruit of video marketing is, it’s Millennials. They’re watching videos in record droves. In fact, more than one-third of Millennials watch online videos more often than they watch TV!

And with the ever-increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and YouTube, these numbers are sure to keep growing.

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