What is inappropriate content according to Bluehost?

November 12, 2019

what is inappropriate content

Based on reader feedback, I need to address this question: What is inappropriate content according to Bluehost?

On a regular basis, I get emails from people asking me this question.

These questions about content rules and regulations are mostly coming from people who want to start a political blog–and they are genuinely concerned about censorship.

The questions sent to me are coming from both sides of the political aisle, and their fears are understandably legit, thanks to social media.

Social Media’s Reputation for Censorship

Let’s face it, for the past three years now, there have been a ton of news stories about social media platforms cracking down on people for expressing political views.

“Cracking down” typically involves certain practices imposed by the SM platform like:

— Shadow banning posts (this is defined as limiting the number of people who can see the post. The user who made the post is unaware they were shadow banned.)

— Removing posts

— Suspending accounts

— Removing accounts

— Banning people or groups from being on the platform

These things are definitely happening to people from various political viewpoints. And there is no indication social media platforms are going to stop anytime soon.

(Another good reason to own your own online real estate and not “blog” on social media only. But I digress…)

The point of this post is not to get into the details of who exactly is getting banned on social media or why. You are probably already aware of this news by now…Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms getting most of the headlines about the censorship taking place.

So, here is the point of this post: you can start a blog with my free setup guide using Bluehost and YOU CAN CREATE ANY TYPE OF POLITICAL BLOG YOU WANT TO DO AND NOT WORRY ABOUT CENSORSHIP. 

Bluehost will provide your hosting, and this fact should help you relax and go forward with confidence that your blog will be free to express your political views.

Because that is the Bluehost policy.

Please don’t confuse social media platforms with hosting services like Bluehost. 

I cannot speak for other hosting services, but I can tell you that I’m proud to be an affiliate with Bluehost. Their support for free speech is one reason why.

Bluehost is not interested in policing a particular political viewpoint. They endorse free speech from all sides.

Okay, so what IS inappropriate content according to Bluehost?

what is inappropriate content
Matthew visiting with Bluehost team members at WordCamp US 2019.

First of all, I can tell you that I recently had a face-to-face conversation with a high ranking member of the Bluehost team, and I specifically asked him this question, and he reassured me that Bluehost does NOT censor blogs based on political viewpoints.

So if your political philosophy is progressive, conservative, libertarian, communist, anarchist, or whatever– GO FOR IT. You can start your blog using Bluehost and have nor worries about bias and censorship.

As long as you don’t include any of this inappropriate content…

A list of Inappropriate Content according to Bluehost

Anyone can retrieve this list of inappropriate content from the Bluehost Terms of Service on their website, under Acceptable Use Policy. Let’s zero in on the Prohibited Use or Content section:


what is inappropriate content

So, as you can see from the screenshot above, there is absolutely no mention of politics in the Bluehost content policy.

You are completely free to start a political blog, or any type of blog, as long as your content:

— Does not in any way promote violence

— Does not disclose sensitive personal information about other people

— Stays away from pornographic content

— Doesn’t promote prostitution or human trafficking of any kind

— Doesn’t store personal health information according to HIPPA

— Doesn’t conduct phishing or identify theft maneuvers

— Doesn’t sell weapons

— Doesn’t involve gambling

— Doesn’t infringe on intellectual property or other proprietary rights

There you have it. Now you know.

Chances are, the political blog you have in mind doesn’t include any inappropriate content from the list above.

So then, what are you waiting for?

Now that we have defined what inappropriate content looks like, what should you do next?

As long as you are okay with abiding by the content standards of Bluehost, you are free to start writing and publishing those political posts that are now swirling in your head (and heart.)

Today is a great time to start. My blog setup guide is free for you to use, and you could be starting your first blog post twenty minutes from now.

Click here to get started, and email me if you have any questions: [email protected]et

Cheers to your new blog!

Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Adam Morgan says:    •   2 months

    Thanks for addressing this Matt! I’ve followed what happened to the owner of Infowars and it definitely opened my eyes to censorship and solidified my stance on owning your own platform. It’s great to know that our hosting company isn’t going to censor or take down our site if we decide to start a political blog.

    1. Matthew says:    •   2 months Author

      Hey Adam,

      Good to see you! Yes, you cited one big example of how an online info business can be censored by social media. I hope people will notice in that example the fact that Infowars is still running on their own platform. Whoever is hosting their website has not censored their content. (I looked it up.) I don’t know how the SM ban affected their revenue but they are obviously still in business thanks to having their own website.

      Hope you’ll drop by again, Adam! Good talking to you.