Importance Of USP And Ways To Stand Out As A Brand

March 19, 2020
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Trying to simplify the sales process? Or, do you want to increase the conversion rates? Perhaps you are set on creating a unique brand identity that is distinct from your competitors. What if one strategy could do both and much more?

A “unique selling proposition” (USP) is a feature, characteristic, or quality that sets your brand apart from its rivals. It can be a word, sentence or even a paragraph. Creating a USP is resourceful, especially when you’re trying to make your own blog too.

This proposition should answer what makes your product better than the others. However, that is not necessarily enough. You need to prove why the uniqueness of your product is unavailable with competitors. Listing the features alone does not work but marking the unparalleled benefits of the best feature will help you grab attention.  

Creating an effective USP increases your brand reputation, customer loyalty, sales, and revenue. This article will help you understand the crucial importance and advantages of identifying a USP for branding. Read on to discover how five major global brands used their unique USPs to attract and encourage customers.

5 Advantages Of Creating An Effective USP

Thanks to search engines, customers can now review and compare everything about a brand before purchasing anything. If you cut their hassle and explain your strengths in the USP, getting through to the customer becomes easier. With a well-structured USP, your brand will feel distinct and indispensable to the customer.

Why are USPs quintessential to the marketing process? Go through the benefits of USPs below to find out all about why they are so effective.

Build Brand Recognition

One of the outstanding features of a USP is that it can draw attention to your extraordinary features that directly connect with the target audience. It is a way to make your brand memorable to the prospects. Because this makes a prospective customer identify your brand easily, you will also see more loyal customers after implementing the USP.

Solve The Problem

When you offer a straightforward solution to a pain point, prospective customers take a second look at your brand. Resolving the pain points of the customer in your USP can inspire them to purchase from you. If your proposition is innovative too, it can even change the world.

Beat The Competition

In order to overtake the competitors, first, take a long look at what they are doing. To do so, conduct market research and then create your own USP which differentiates you from the competition. Once the unique selling proposition is active, brand visibility can improve and customers will more easily distinguish your brand from the competition. A good proposition can also help gain the confidence of new customers too.

Improve Sales

Given a USP is a pledge or commitment, a good proposition really resonates with its target audience. When the prospect clearly understands your USP, it can simplify the sales strategy and subsequent process. Once they identify the unique reason to buy from you, it will also be reflected by revenue improvements.

Sharp Focus For Your Marketing Goals

Marketing teams can create campaigns and messaging that align perfectly with a brand proposition by crafting a USP. It can help you streamline tasks and CTAs uniformly for all strategies and plans across the brand too.

You Need To See How These 5 Brands Are Using Their USPs For Business

A USP gives the brand a distinct identity that helps in building a positive relationship with the target audience. However, designing a mind-blowing USP is not enough, you need it to reach your customers too.

How do you create an effective USP? Learn how the following five brands aced their own USPs to attract millions of customers.


In the beauty industry, Revlon wins the race with their abstract USP. It says, ‘in the factory we make cosmetics, in the store we sell hope’. Their competitor Maybelline proposes ‘affordable luxury’ as it is targeted at different customers.


Being the brand that made the first assembly line car in the world does all the selling for Ford. Customers invest in Ford automobiles for their history and their USP echoes this.

Rolls Royce

For a high-income earner, the luxurious nature of Rolls Royce might seem more appealing than Ford. This owes to the luxury manufacturer’s USP of exclusivity. The target audience is looking for the premium-label and features.  

Unibet Bingo’s

In the world of online gambling, the USP of Unibet Bingo rings true. Their tagline says ‘by players, for players’ and their USP revolves around being a genuine gambling website with one-of-a-kind functionality. Their unique feature of displaying names of all the players with 1TG (one to go) or 2TG (two to go) is iconic. This makes Unibet Bingo convenient, trustworthy and attractive to beginner and professional gamblers. 

Tiffany & Co

Reminiscent with the elegance of Holly Golightly, Tiffany & Co is a popular jewelry brand known for timeless engagement rings. It emanates class and grace. Pandora is another modern jewelry known for their customizable jewelry.


A bad USP can turn you into a generic brand quickly. On the other hand, you can attract new customers, increase loyal customers, and boost sales with a good USP that aligns with your advertising goals and blog niche.

Schedule time on your calendar for scrutinizing your products and the target market, so that you can create a unique selling proposition that works and resonates with your target audience.

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