Why the World Really Needs Everyone to Blog

September 19, 2014

We need more blogs.

Recent events of unbelievable proportions, from Missouri to Iraq and a dozen horrific bits of news each day has spawned an understanding that news sites often release coverage of important events as per their owner’s political leanings.

Certainly the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri once again showed the power of the mobile device video—and the need for more of it. More of it from people all around the world.

In my last guest post for Build Your Own Blog, I mentioned a rather difficult owner of a startup and current events reminded me of him. He wanted that one, big, everybody-will-tweet-it kind of article. It would be 3,500 words, minimum and it had to be “a good article” for the “big blogs to repost it.” My title was the title I used here (so I expect everyone on Twitter to retweet it) but the title the other blog owner wanted was, “What is a Blog and Why Do Millions of People Want to Blog?”

The Truth Must Get Out There

The title of this article is more in line with the truth and truth in blogging is what’s sorely needed in the cyber world. It’s not that millions of people want to start blogging—it’s that millions of people need to start!

As the struggle in Ferguson was fresh and confusion about who did what to whom, when and why, lots of information flew around the blogosphere. While Facebook posts of video and articles about backstories and events were accompanied by misleading headlines and false claims, coming from numerous blogs with “the real truth,” they were mostly speculation or reposts of material from other blogs of the same political/socio-standings.

I maintained that eventually, the truth would come out and everyone will see it. While that has yet to happen, some other interesting secrets came to light, such as the military equipment many small town police forces now had and how many police actions were now full military responses. There were videos of police officers pointing loaded automatic weapons at peaceful protesters (what could go wrong? Google “Kent State Massacre”).

Now add in the non-media coverage people have put on video of hot spots around the world. People claim that real news is delivered faster than that of network coverage. That’s a good thing!

Show the Truth

The breaking news of the militarization of American police forces was a big piece of news and it came from someone’s mobile device. When unrest in the Middle East flares up, it has been the video from mobile devices and tweets, of all things that informed the world to the real situation.

Some would call this “vlogging” (video-blogging) and naturally people love video. From kittens to bad driver dash cams to armed conflict, the vlog is the best way to show news as it happens.

Help Educate Others

When history is taught to school children, they learn legends. Why? The status quo believes when the legend is more popular than the truth—publish the legend.

Explanations of slavery, bias, struggle and heroism are mere shadows of real events and for the human culture to grow and evolve into a better society, it’s up to the common person to join in and spread the truth.

The truth, however, isn’t limited to just current events and history—it’s also the truth about knitting and diets, and any other niche that has information out there for others.

It’s not to say there should be flame wars and slander between toy collector blogs, but some of them artificially inflate prices. Some wonderful collector might start posting images of pieces and their actual selling prices. Diets that are dangerous, and don’t work, need to be outed online by those who know better.

It can’t be done with just comments on certain blogs because search engines see blogs and not the comments on them. When a search brings up numerous results for the “cost of He-man action figure series one” and people know it’s worth $100 and not $1,000,000, then the world, and truth, will take a giant step forward!

Truthful news about everything is just as important. So, get your blog started today with your passion and dedication and help save the world, or at least a little corner of it.

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Author Bio:

Speider Schneider is a digital content specialist who writes for global blogs about social media, digital design, augmented reality, NFC, QR codes, digital marketing and humorous looks at the internet and those involved with it. His work experience and clients include: Warner Bros., LucasFilms, Disney/Pixar,Dreamworks, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, American Greetings, MAD Magazine, Hallmark Cards, Harley-Davidson and assorted blogs and print publications. You can follow him on Google+.


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  1. Lux Ganzon says:    •   5 years

    Use media not just to post your rants but also to motivate, entertain and educate. Always go for the truth. Love this.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   5 years Author

      Totally agree, Lux…this is a timely article that hits the bulls eye. Our society really is better off with tons of blogs, even if half are loaded with garbage, that is still better than having just a few online sources controlling the information flow. I’m sure you agree.

    2. Speider Schneider says:    •   5 years

      Thanks, Lux! The web can be a very powerful place.

  2. Steven J Wilson says:    •   5 years

    Hi Speider,

    I think blogging is what makes the web a beautiful place.

    Yeah, there is a lot of mess out there but everyone has their own unique voice and sharing content on even the same topic can still be very insightful!

    Thanks for this. Have a great week!

    1. Speider Schneider says:    •   5 years

      Thanks, Steven! This was easy to write as it’s just the plain and simple truth about blogging. While there are some horrid blogs, for one reason or another, there are more that have made the internet one of the great advances of civilization.

      I’m still considering the return of Twinkies.

  3. cre8ivetype says:    •   5 years

    I’m amazed at the coverage from Ferguson and the Middle East that came from Twitter and local blogs. I don’t trust much of the media anymore (FOX – fair and balanced? Um, no!).

    1. Speider Schneider says:    •   5 years

      Oooo, yeah. FOX News is a prime example of when a media mogul uses his paid-for outlets to reflect his own political ideals. Hearst started a war with the same yellow-journalism and muckraking. This is why the coverage supplied by individuals is so important. The number of reports is what makes news “fair and balanced.”

      When the individual in some far off place, or just next door can inform others with a simple passage in a blog, tweet, or mobile device video, and that news becomes as, or more quoted/viewed/shared as the news from a billionaire media mogul’s newspapers and TV channels, then we will know that the people have the true power.

  4. robert wilber says:    •   5 years

    I think your right about the beloved media we’ve trusted, I think is controlled by some big or controlling power, sounds like conspiracy theory flavour. Eyes every where like the many traffic cameras that make us pay because they caught us on camera,, that’s their evidence. Smart phones; tablet cams that tell another story unlike the main stream media. You may wake some people from their slumber like in “The Matrix” to show them the real world and what is really going on!!!

    1. Speider Schneider says:    •   5 years

      I have to admit that I worked for several news outlets where it was explained to me in very plain terms that the news was what the owner(s) wanted it to be, and that there was a certain political stance that I would have to adhere to, or be fired.

      I remember saying, “so, it’s not really news?” I just don’t remember anything after that, except for waking up in a back alley gutter. 😉