The World’s Most Controversial Bloggers

April 9, 2019

Most controversial bloggers

EDITOR’S NOTE: The bloggers listed here are not endorsed by or affiliated with Build Your Own Blog.

Building a loyal, passionate blog audience is much easier when your content isn’t boring.

Successful bloggers, those who build large audiences, keep their content interesting by mixing in stories, humor, and inspiration.

And then there are the bloggers who take it to a whole new level by embracing Controversy. 

Gasp! Controversy? You mean, like, content that gets people angry, emotionally charged, and outraged? Won’t that turn some people off?

(Well, people do love to be outraged and “tune in” to people that make them angry.)

As you’re about to see, some niche bloggers thrive on controversy, and it’s working for them. (But that doesn’t mean you should “try” it.)

So, if you are just getting started, but not sure if you should embrace controversy or stay away from it, let me say this…I think that in many cases, controversy can help a blogger FIND their audience in the first place.

That’s what many of the most infamous bloggers have done…they embraced controversy, made it their friend, and found their audience.

But controversy can be tricky…use it wrongly, and you can lose your audience overnight, or never find a tribe to begin with.

You should also consider the natural consequences that controversial blog content can bring to your life (especially if you get a lot of web traffic)….hate mail, death threats, hacker attacks, lawsuits, smear campaigns, and even physical and mental exhaustion.

If you can handle the blowback, a little controversy might be just what your blog needs.

I did some research, looking for the most extreme examples, and put together a list of The World’s Most Controversial Bloggers

What I found is 12 individual bloggers who have built a notable blog career with controversy.

Most of these bloggers have been successful with their controversial content for an extended period of time, except for the last one on the list. He crashed and burned quickly…

Personally, I think his career ended so soon because he tried too hard to be controversial...he was being controversial for the sake of it. That was his primary motive, and it blew up in his face…

What I think we can learn from these 12 examples is this: the world’s most controversial bloggers are not intentionally using controversy as some sort of blogging tactic…they are simply being themselves in front of the world, and their blog is a metaphorical glass house.

As you look through this list, you may think these 12 bloggers are being “over-the-top” with their controversial content…you may wonder if maybe they are being too open and transparent with their audience…

Well, isn’t that what controversial blogging is all about? Revealing your truth? What you think. What you believe. How you live your life. Your opinions. Your hard questions. Your inner thoughts…

This has been happening long before the internet came along: Whenever we show our true selves to the world, somebody is not going to like it. 

The world’s most controversial bloggers are people who have viewpoints, ideas, or lifestyles that sparks controversy, and they have decided to share these things online despite the consequences…they have chosen to be lightning rods of outrage because, in their mind, the positive results outweigh the negatives.

This decision has also led most of them to financial independence—even prosperity in some cases.

Let’s be real here…most people don’t have the audacity needed to produce one controversial blog post, let alone hundreds or thousands of posts.

The world’s most controversial bloggers produce content that goes beyond the typical left/right political arguments you see all over social media….many of them are not political at all…they are just people publishing content that somehow hits an emotional nerve with readers or viewers. Their content pushes subconscious buttons at a level much higher than the average blogger is willing to do (or capable of doing.)

As you read through this list, you might consider these bloggers to be anti-social, sociopathic, even dangerous…or, you may consider them brave, authentic, even heroic disruptors of the status quo.

One thing these bloggers definitely are is controversial…you can let us know in the comments what you think about them personally, their ideas and their blogs.

Author Note: the bloggers on this list made the list based on the amount of controversy they produce…their selection has nothing to do with my own personal preferences. I had not heard of most of these bloggers before researching…and as the disclaimer above says, myself or Build Your Own Blog has not relationship with any of these bloggers, and we do not endorse or approve their content.

Alright, let’s take a look at this infamous crew…


These Are World’s Most Controversial Bloggers




Blogger: Roosh V


Possibly the most controversial blogger ever, Roosh V. (real name Daryush Valizadeh) was a microbiologist who started a blog called DC Bachelor in 2004, writing in his spare time. By 2007, Roosh V. self published his first book called Bang and quit his job, never working as a microbiologist again.

Roosh V. is considered by many to be a “pick up artist.” His content outrages feminists and many others. Roosh V. also travels around the globe doing speaking engagements to a mostly male audience, teaching them how to seduce women. Although interestingly, he has recently published a book titled Lady that he describes as a guide to “help women find love, long-term relationships, and marriage in a modern environment.”

His content is heavily criticized with accusations of rape promotion, misogyny and antisemitism. Several of his books have been removed from the Amazon dot com self-publishing platform. He has been banned from PayPal and Disqus, blacklisted by the Southern Poverty Law Center, had speaking appearances canceled due to protests and has even been followed by angry mobs protesting his presence in their community.

However, Roosh V. is still blogging to his loyal audience today.


controversial blogger

Blogger: Sarah Jeong

Blog: Sarah

Most of the controversy generated by Sarah Jeong has taken place outside of her blog.

Jeong is a writer and journalist for several publications including Forbes, The Guardian and The New York Times. However, Twitter has been her biggest lightning rod. Jeong has enraged both conservatives and progressive SJWs with her tweets.

In 2016, Jeong tweeted a caricature of Bernie Sanders supporters that infuriated Berners so much they harassed Jeong for weeks and even threatened her with violence.

Then in 2018, the New York Times hired her to join their editorial board. Conservative media strongly opposed her hiring and highlighted a series of tweets from Jeong that many Caucasians considered offensive and racist. Jeong did release an apology, claiming the tweets were satirical, and the Verge came to her defense by saying the tweets were taken out of context.

Things have been fairly quiet lately for Jeong, but giver her time. She’s young, and will likely create something controversial again.


Blogger: Matt Walsh

Blog: The Matt Walsh Blog

Matt Walsh is definitely not afraid of controversy.

He has been an influential voice of “the religious right” for several years now, boldly blogging on practically any subject no matter how controversial. For example, he has been an outspoken voice in the pro life movement, and regularly writes about religion, which is, of course, considered a taboo topic by the faint hearted.

Walsh appeals to younger conservatives in the Millennial and Gen Z demographic with his youth, alcohol consumption and tattoos. His takes come from a fundamentalist Catholic perspective, and his moral outrage at today’s post modern culture rings a bell with his tribe of loyal followers.

Here are some recent blog headlines that demonstrate Walsh’s enthusiasm for controversy:

The Jussie Smollet Case Shows What Privilege in America Really Looks Like

Joe Biden is Way Too Old to Be President

The Left Must Keep It’s Bizarre Religious Doctrines Out of the Classroom



controversial blog

Blogger: David Icke


David Icke describes himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world, and that is probably his one theory that everyone can agree on.

99% of his other theories? Not so much.

You see, David Icke is what is known as a “conspiracy theorist.” However, many of his fans from both the political left and right consider him to be more of a conspiracy realist. In other words, they believe his theories and eat them up.

Icke’s theories are definitely not mainstream. For example, he says the earth is run by reptilian shapeshifters who pull the strings of global events behind the curtain. Another thing that gets in him trouble with many is his focus on the Jews, which is why many call Icke an anti-Semite.

Icke has built his self supporting audience through self published books (in the early nineties his publisher cut ties with him due to anti-Semitic concerns), his website, and by doing many speaking engagements around the world.

While researching Icke, it became apparent to me that some of today’s contemporary conspiracy theories originated from Icke…or he has at least helped make them more widely known thanks to his large platform.

Icke’s content is extremely controversial, which enabled him to join this list with ease. His Wikipedia page will give you an overview of his views.



Blogger: Dooce (Heather Armstrong)


Considered the Queen of Mommy Bloggers, Dooce was quite controversial in her heyday, when mommy blogging was still predominately polite and vanilla in its content and personality.

Dooce came out cursing like a sailor and seemed to have no filter whatsoever, which really shook up the blogosphere back in those days.

Her blogging career technically started before mommy blogging, when she was a graphic artist working for a startup (she has never revealed this mystery employer.) Dooce did something that is bound to get any blogger in trouble…she wrote satirical accounts of her experiences at work, including the real people she worked with…..yep, she got fired.

Dooce admitted to her readers that this was a stupid thing to do.

She went on to grow into a powerhouse blog, while creating controversy along the way.

Dooce has been fearless with her transparent blog posts…depression, breast pumps, entering a mental hospital….a lifelong member of the LDS church, her relationship with the church caused its own controversies, and Dooce is no longer a member.

Dooce has achieved the type of success that many bloggers dream of, but with a price…

Her marriage ended in 2012, causing Dooce to live as a single mom, which made it difficult for her to keep her prodigious publishing schedule.

Dooce reached a point of burn out, but has found a happy place….posting now for the pure enjoyment of it, backing off of “sponsored posts”, and making a living as a speaker and consultant.

She’s only 43, and has plenty of time to surprise us again with some fresh controversy.



Blogger: Mike Cernovich


This social media provocateur and conspiracy theorist blogger has been stirring the pot for years.

A law school graduate, Cernovich started blogging in the early 2000s. His content was primarily known to focus on anti-feminist themes, which brought him a lot of attention in the “manosphere.”

Hated by feminists, Cernovich has been labeled a “male supremacist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some call him “alt-right”, but Cernovich does not identify with that term.

And if that isn’t controversial enough, Cernovich blogs on all sorts of topics bound to outrage large groups of people, like Pizzagate, John Podesta’s emails, and men’s rights. Along with his own blog, he is also a regular host of The Alex Jones Show on the InfoWars website.

Currently just 41 years old, Cernovich continues to create controversial content that some love while others hate. There is no middle ground for those who follow him.


blogging controversy

Blogger: Perez Hilton


Many Americans can’t get enough celebrity news and gossip. Perez Hilton has been unapologetically OBSESSED with celebrity culture since his childhood, so it didn’t take him long to find his blogging niche.

The former actor and freelance writer found blogging to be “easy”, and his success should be commended. As he rose to blogging fame and (semi) fortune, Hilton has added author, columnist and television personality to his resume.

Hilton said in a Cliché magazine interview that his blog started out as a hobby, but instead of following the blogger pack doing the usual online journal blog, Hilton blogged about celebrities, because “they’re far more entertaining.”

Why is he controversial? He takes celebrity gossip to places many won’t go…one big example: he has a history of outing alleged closeted celebrities.

Controversy abounds as Hilton writes about the um, endowments of celebrities, outs closeted celebs, and continues to stir things up, like the time he was a Miss USA pagent judge and asked contestant Carrie Prejean if she thought every state should legalize gay marriage. He did not like her answer and proceeded to ridicule her on camera and on his blog. Another controversial incident included a Miley Cyrus upskirt photo he posted on his blog that came close to child pornography charges (she was underage at the time.)  There are other controversies connected to Michael Jackson and other celebs. Read more here.

Perez is one of those blogger success stories that cannot be denied or ignored. He won’t let you ignore him.

Perez is bound to cause more controversy sometime soon. BANK on it. 😉


controversial blogging

Blogger: Kate Hopkins

Blog: Hopkins 

Hopkins doesn’t call herself a blogger. She wants to be known as a journalist, someone who “tells the stories not being told.”

An English media personality and business woman, Hopkins has built her platform using social media and television, but got her start as a writer for The Sun and the Daily Mail.

Calling her career controversial would be an understatement.

Hopkins outspoken views have sparked cries of racism, petitions and protests. She hates multiculturalism, clearly opposes Islam, and pushes the white genocide theory. She also wrote a column about migrants that was condemned by the United Nations High Commissioner of Human rights. Hopkins also has a reputation of getting into Twitter arguments with public figures like Simon Cowell, Charlotte Church, Russel Brand, and others.

She’s also been involved in several lawsuits. You can find them all here.


controversial blogger

Blogger: Paul Stenson

Blog: Paul V

Stenson owns the White Moose Café and Charleville Lodge in Dublin, Ireland.

As the owner of a brick and mortar business, Stenson’s embrace of controversial content seems like a risky move…but it appears to be working for him, as his lodge gets a lot of free publicity through his antics, while the White Moose reviews page averages 4.5 stars and the business has profited almost 100,000 pounds in profit since Stenson became the front man for the Lodge.

If Stenson is using controversy intentionally to raise money, it appears to be working according to this article.

The controversy started flowing in 2018, when Stenson publicly responded to a blogger/social media influencer who requested a free stay at his lodge for a positive write up about her experience. This was known as the Elle Darby White Moose Café Exposure controversy, also known as #BloggerGate. Stenson’s scathing rebuttal, along with the influencer revealing herself and fighting back, went viral and kicked off the controversy nicely. Many people on Facebook were outraged one way or other about the whole thing.

Controversy struck again when Stenson posted a photo to Facebook that many said was intended to troll breastfeeding mothers. A tsunami of furious angry moms responded, but a slew of photographers slammed Stenson for using a photograph that was copyrighted. Stenson had not given any credit to the photographer. He was heavily criticized for stealing an artists work.

Not exactly the controversy he expected, I’m sure.

Additional controversies from Stenson so far include a “war” on vegans, telling customers unable to afford his hotel rates to go find a homeless shelter, and he even published CCTV footage of a customer.

If you’re ever in Dublin, need a bite to eat, and you want something on the controversial side, consider the White Moose Café.

Check out what Stenson wrote on the home page of the White Moose Café website and you’ll see right away how much this guy loves stirring the pot:

stirring the pot



controversy online

Blogger: Constance Hall

Blog: Like a

This mummy blogger in Perth, Australia exploded on the blog scene back in 2016 when she wrote a post on her free WordPress dot com website called The Not So Secret Life of Us. The post went viral. 

The post was a funny, and uncomfortably honest look at “parental sex.” Hall described it as “3.5 minutes you get in between changing nappies and making food” when you and your spouse can slip away for a quickie while the kids are distracted. 

The post went SO viral that Hall became a star. 

What makes Hall controversial (and compelling to follow) is her complete and total transparency—she’s rude, crude, and seems to have little to no sense of boundaries. She’s open about EVERYTHING, and that will naturally stir up some controversy now and then. 

Her content (videos or written posts) gets gobbled up by over 2 million followers. Hall outgrew the free WordPress site and she is now blogging at Like a Queen dot com, where she rants at her husband for helping out with the kids “when he’s asked”, and covers touchy subjects like the difficulties blended families face, childbirth, bullying, and slut shaming. 

2019 has already been a wild ride for Hall. who was recently sued (again) for defamation by her former book editor and friend Kristen Watts.

Hall also appeared on Dancing with the Stars in March.


baltimore controversy

Blogger: A.F. James MacArthur

Blog: The Baltimore Spectator 

His bio reads “occasional media critic, researcher, independent investigator, and entrepreneur, A.F. James MacArthur is Baltimore’s most well known independent journalist.”

MacArthur has been a pioneer of citizen journalism, covering police brutality and corruption before it became fashionable.

Although not well known outside of Maryland, MacArthur has been a consistent thorn in the side of Baltimore power brokers and politicians, and has had some serious run ins with local authorities in Baltimore.

In December 2012, MacArthur became embroiled in a stand off with police while at home. Mac broadcasted the standoff in real time on his popular Twitter channel, and even broadcasted a long phone conversation he had with police.

MacArthur was eventually arrested and held in pre-trial incarceration for 6 months—being denied bail multiple times during that time.

MacArthur has built a large following using his websites, radio podcast and YouTube channel.

His Baltimore Spectator blog has been quiet the past three years as has his social media presence. His current whereabouts are unknown. (James, if you are reading this, let us know how you’re doing in the comments.)



Blogger: Amos Yee

Blog: Shut Down

Only four years ago, Lee became a symbol of free speech rights around the world when he was arrested in his native country of Singapore for publishing some critical videos of Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. After a trial that gained international coverage, Yee fled to the U.S.

Unfortunately, Yee chased controversy a little too far.

After spending some time held in detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Yee was released in September of 2017.

He started a YouTube channel and quickly gained notoriety for his videos that expressed support for pedophilia.

And that’s when Yee’s brief burst to blogging stardom came crashing down.

In May of 2018, his YouTube channel was removed, Twitter suspended his account and Patreon cut ties with Yee.

As of December of 2018, Yee’s WordPress blog, Facebook account and pro-pedophile Discord server entitled “Ball Pit” were all shut down.

His whereabouts are unknown.

There’s more to this story. If interested, start with his Wikipedia page.



Do You Have the Stomach for Controversial Blogging?

Posting controversial content is not for everyone.

Controversy can get you noticed, help you grow your audience, and even raise your income level.

However, controversy can be exhausting if you aren’t aligned with it’s vibration.

Remember…don’t try to be controversial…be yourself. Overcome your fears. Share it. And be prepared for the consequences.

Sometimes controversial content is just taking a stand for something you believe in.

Or it could be as simple as sharing something you like. For example, you can post something as innocuous as your love for the McDonalds Big Mac, and that will probably make someone outraged.

(Have you ever noticed how some people get really mad when you have a different opinion about the dumbest things, like food preferences?)

So, whatever controversy you have to share, if you can muster up a little courage, be yourself, and blog about it on a consistent basis, maybe we will see you added to this list one day?

[Insert Your Name], the World’s Most Controversial Blogger

Go for it! I wish you much success.


P.S. If there is a blogger not on the list that you think should be, tell us who they are in the comments. I may add them in!

Also, let me know in the comments if you are thinking about starting a controversial blog or you already have one and want to talk about it. Feel free to include a link in your comment. (Appropriate links only.)


Author Bio:

Matthew Kaboomis Loomis is the owner of Build Your Own Blog. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.





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    Another one who should be included is Anjem Choudry whome I belive is residing in a place at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. This guy is one of the worst in our country and his site has since been took down for insiting violence in the UK and abroad. I’m quite sure you have heared of this fella before Matt.

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