Writer Blogs Galore! Here’s the New Writer Blog Roll

October 16, 2015

Ever feel like you’re all alone out in the blogosphere?

Like you’re isolated and detached, craving some interaction with other like minded bloggers…

Well, tell loneliness to go fly a kite.

Welcome to the New Writer Blog Roll

Checkout, network and engage with other newbie bloggers!

You all have one thing in common–you’re part of the New Writer Scholarship community!

Those who responded to my email are now featured in this list–their name, title, and a link to their website.

If you did not turn in your blog to be featured in this blog roll, you still can–simply leave a comment below with your name, title and a link to your website.

I normally don’t care for links in blog comments, except for the appropriate one embedded in your name…here though, I’m going to make an exception.

In fact, I encourage you to leave a comment here with your blog link.

And be sure to leave comments on some of the other blogs you find here.

This blog roll is a catalyst to helping new writers meet one another, read their content and perhaps even make new contacts (friends) online.

Some Good Writer Blogs are Found Here

You might be surprised at what you find here–there are many quality blogs in this list. Other folks are just getting off to a good start but are excited and had the courage to share their site!

Browse and read what interested you. There are many different niches in this blog roll.

This list is not categorized. I simply created the list based on chronology…Tiffany was the first one to reply to my email, and so on.

Say hi in the comments and share whatever is on your mind…did you read a blog that blew your mind? Something tickle you? Be sure to share.

I will make sure the other blogger you mention gets notified of your comment, and they will likely respond.

Hey, here’s a ginormous list of New Writer Blogs!

Enjoy These Writer Blogs! Feel Lonely No More

Here’s the Blog Roll of New Writer Scholarship Hopefuls (New and Aspiring Writers Galore!)


1. Tiffany C. Lockhart

Aspiring Fiction Writer

Blog: The Writing Desk of Tiffany C. Lockhart


2. Gabbi Miller


Blog: Life As We Thought We Knew It


3. Justin Irabor

Short Fiction Writer

Blog: Welcome to A.G(R)EEK!


4. Sarah Fallon


Blog: Read Write Think Repeat


5. Lisa Pollman

Art Journalist

Blog: Borders & Bridges


6. Samantha O’Brochta

Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Blog: Sam’s Fifth Avenue


7. Dana Langston


Blog: A Blog of Unfortunate Posts


8. Aubrey Peters


Blog: I Just Want to Blog


9. Toby Oberg 

Blogger, Traveler, Writer

Blog: Travel with Toby


10. Ellie Christene

Student, Novelist, Playwright, Poet, and plain old writer (short stories, etc.)

Blogs: From Pen to Stage

Something About Peonies


11. Amanda Ochu 


Blogs: Misfits ‘N Tantrums

Tales of a Senior


12. Suhaila (pen name) 

Blogger (stay at home mom)

Blog: Play Unpenned


13. Stella Bouldin 

Freelance Travel Writer/Photographer

Blog: Where My Heart Travels


14. Alexis Castelle 


Blog: Lexis Love Letter


15. EJ 

up and coming Author

Blog: EJ’s Corner


16. Julie Affleck 


Blog: Moms Who Want to Write


17. TK Lawyer (my pen name) 

Paranormal Romance Writer

Blog: TK Lawyer


18. Akansha Gupta 


Blog: Plot Holes Be Gone


19. Magunga Williams 


Blog: The Magunga


20. Ayesha

Aspiring Lawyer, Writer, Foodie, Muse, Free Spirit, Lover of All things Purple, Child of the Uni

Blog: Oh …Aye!


21. Jeff Wirt 

Travel Writer

Blog: Hobo Jeff


22. Anna Peter 


Blog: Postcards From Anna


23. Nonie Bennah 


Blog: Living Well with Nonie Bennah 


24. Chanice Edmonds 

Aspiring Writer

Blog: Alita Kay 


25. Jonathan Elmore 

Life Connoisseur

Blog: Talking Simian Reviews


26. Samantha McCully 


Blog: A Dream In Words 


27. Crytal McLendon 


Blog: Apologize in Advance


28. Samantha (Sammi) Payne 


Blog: Thoughts


29. Phoenix Ash 

Screenwriter & Novelist

Blog: Life as P Knows It


30. Duncan Maconachie 

Extremely Amateur Writer

Blog: Least Favorite Parent


31. Jazmin Gutierrez 


Blog: Jazmine Liza


32. Deb Palmer 


Blog: Deb Palmer


33. Madhumittha Murali 

Poet/Finance Blogger

Blogs: Share Price Forecast for Indian Stock Market

Go Wild Poetry


34. Emma

College Student

Blog: Boredom Busters for Teens


35. Rosalind

Sample Blogger

Blog: Testify https://butterflyrosa37.wordpress.com/


36. Nzube Ifechukwu

Reality Blogger

Blog: Segali


37. Tahra Wohlert


Blog: 50/50


38. Donae Seger


Blog: Keeping It All Together


39. Richa Gupta

Student / Poet

Blog: A Star in the Galaxy


40. Emma Sloan


Blog: Emma C. Sloan


41. Troy Onyango


Blog: Trojan Utopia


42. Andrea Hewett


Blog: Holt Marketing


43. Alice


Blog: Sun Seeker


44. Melissa Wallace

Part Time Blogger

Blog: My Healing Heart


45. Samson Omamuzo


Blog: Out Box TV


46. Priscilla


Blog: Pictures From a Floating World


47. Lauren Faye Welsh

Blog: Exploren Lauren


48. Chris Galford

Author, Poet

Blog: The Waking Den


49. Emma Dorfman


Blog: Let’s Start Anew


50. Lily Caraballo

Student and Freelance Writer

Blog: The Passive Bookworm


51. Osun Christiana Oluwadamilola

Blog: Inspiration, Motivation, Politics and Life


52. Zane


Blog: Studio Luck Dragon


53. Temwa Mzota


Blog: The Poetry of Temwa Mzota


54. Tor Refsland

Productivity Expert and Blogger

Blog: Time Management Chef


55. Zeneefa Zaneer


Blog: Thinkaholic Mom


56. Jacob Robinson


Blog: Codex of Aegis


57. Hannah Smith

Freelance Travel Writer

Blog: I’m Fresh Off the Plane


58. Olamide Olufadi

Freelance News/Entertainment Writer

Blog. Olamzy


59. Sneha Koilada


Blog: Sneha Koilada


60. Anne Marla Villa


Instagram Poetry


61. Matt Regan

Student. Amateur Poet/Blogger

Blog: Ashbreeze Blog


62. Joan Dempsey


Blog: Joan Dempsey


63. Precious Ropafadzo Chiduku


Blog: Shared Sentiments


64. Sarah Ulrich


Blog: Eagle in the Storm


65. Agyei Sarpong Kumankoma


Blog: Okumankoma Poetry


66. Saswat




67. Nduka Zuchie

Pharmacist/Budding Writer

Blog: Epiphanique


68. Carey Baraka


Blog: Kenyan Philosopher


69. Anthony Seyi Abiodun

Poet & Short Story Writer

Blog: Tonnitte


70. Zubrah Ayyub

Youth Empowerement

Blog: AYS


71. Kaliova Nadumu


Blog: The Optimistically Delusional Fijian


72. Sudhakar Kumar


Blog: Internshala


73. Gil


Blog: Verbal Ambrosia


74. Covenant Chimnonso


Blog: Light Up This World


75. Ekpeki Chovwe Donald

Poet, Novelist

Blog: Pen Nation


76. Milan Zivic


Blog: Milan’s Public Journal


77. Devyani Borade


Blog: Verbolatry


78. Jayne Saunders


Blog: Nurses Orders


79. Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam

Novelist, Short Story Writer

Blog: Creative Writing News


80. Kalkidan Fessehaye


Blog: The Chasm


81. Selaelo Maabela

Screenwriter, Poet

Blog: Those Little Conversations


82. Sarah Schmidt

Environmental Sciences Student

Blog: Saritas Travel Moments


83. Mel Groves

University Grad, Traveller & Writer

Blog: Articles and Anecdotes


84. Ugwuodo Chika


Blog: Chika Writes


85. Kristel Tracey


Blog: The Vajournal


86. Annalinde Singh


Blog: A Singh Life


87. Rachit Sharma


Blog: Letssandhi


88. Rachel Newcomb


Blog: Smart Mom, Smart Ideas


89. Chinaza Chimalu


Blog: All Things Nazz


90. Neil Slevin


Blog: Six Word Memoirs


91. Briana

Grad Student

Blog: Mumble Beigh


92. Keren Lyere


Blogs: Pen Speaks World Listens

Pen Guard


93. Fiifi Ngesa Cromwell

Novelist/Motivational Writer

Blog: Fiifi Cromwell Official


94. Alex Sinclair Lack

Travel Writer

Blog: Seen On a Bike in Vietnam


95. Mitchell Gordon

Poet & Writer

Blog: Mitch’s Articles on Writer Café


96. Elena


Blog: Imagineth


97. Ben Taylorson

Aspiring Writer

Blog: Ben’s Running Blog


98. Olivia


Blog: Hair Ties


99. Adetunji Israel Eniola


Blog: Inspirational Squad


100. Jonathan Acabo

Creative Writer

Blog: Online Creatives


101. Jon Page


Blog: Jon Page Reflections


102. Rita Lorraine

Trade Published Author and Freelance Editor

Blog: Rita Writes History


103. Erin Southerland

Travel Writer

Blog: Don’t Forget to Eat


104. Chantel DaCosta

Jamaican Researcher and Writer

Blog: The Stories of Chantel DaCosta


105. Alleta Liebenberg

Wife & Mom

Blog: A-Letter Writes


106. Lindsey Garner


Blog: Look Around You


107. Farah Ghassani


Blog: Escape


108. Majesty Ceasar


Blog: Established Transit


109. Leah Rachel

Book Blogger

Blog: While Reading and Walking


110. Sabrina

Fashion Blogger

Blog: We Flash Fashion


111. Jan Steele


Blog: Killing June Cleaver


112. Oladele Medaiyese

Blog: Health Education Platform


113. Robyn Elizabeth Marchant


Blog: Sunshine Girl


114. Alexandra Roat

Travel Blogger

Blog: Around the World with Allergies


115. Adina Viele


Blog: Personal Blog


116. Shihluke Wisani

Poet and Student

Blog: Emphasy! Magazine


117. Badru

Library Officer

Blog: Lagos Ignite


118. Monica J. Wilkinson

Writer – Executive Facilitator

Blog: Monica J. Wilkinson


119. William Cabassa Barber


Blog: Cabassa Barber Estudios


120. Ranee Parker


Blog: Ranee Parker


121. Rivera Pacheco


Blog: Factor V Deficiency


122. Elizabeth


Blog: Dream Casserole


123. Jen Rainwater

Major League Baseball Columnist

Blog: Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk


124. Alexis Peters


Blog: This Tuesday Night


125. Havle

University Student

Blog: My Sweet Blog


126. Eric Mwangi Njoroge

Early Career Researcher

Blog: NAYD – Climate Change Information


127. Joan Wambui


Blog: Beauty of Life


128. Florence Onyango

Writer of all sorts

Blog: Flowhimsical Writer


129. Eliya Sorensen


Blog: Jasmine Tea


130. Carlen Vigo


Blog: Carlen Vigo


131. Rebekah


Blog: Another World is Probable


132. Evan Rudic

Film Student

Blog: Life of a Cinephile


133. Kathleen Clayton


Blog: Her Friday Night Frights


134. Adrian S. Potter

Poet, Fiction Writer

Blog: Adrian S. Potter


135. Fernan Salibongcogon


Blog: YABE Portal


136. Farhan Yusuf

Writing Enthusiast

Blog: Potential Express


137. Kohylah Piper


Blog: My Deafening Selah


138. Moses Abukutsa


Blog: Moses the Poet


139. Lauren Barnhardt


Blog: Write Words


140. CJ Tahmla

Writer/Creative Entrepreneur

Blog: CJ Tamla’s Creative Space


141. Brenda Mareri

Creative Writer

Blog: Free Minds


142. Ky’la Sims

Student Blogger, Author and Director

Blog: Book Reveals


143. Susan Fullmer


Blog: The Mature Student


144. Peter P.

Parenting Blogger

Blog: Petrified Parent


145. Hasna Huzair


Blog: iWriteForTheSakeofAllah (Facebook Page) — Hey Hasna, are you ready to own your online real estate?


146. Nicola Mauchline


Blog: Author N.J. Mauchline


147. Eka


Blog: No Longer Available


148. Aabiya Noman Baqai

Writer & Editor

Blog: The Rambler


149. Devyani Borade


Blog: Verbolatry


150. Nzube Ifechukwu

Reality Blogger

Blog: Segali


151. Elsa Fridl

Travel Blogger

Blog: Elsa’s Travel Blog on Paris


Let the Good Times (Blog) Roll

Which blogs do you like? Let us know in the comments.

As I stated at the top of the page, if you are not yet on this blog roll, you can leave a comment with a link to your blog included.

To all of you New Writers who responded to last week’s email, thanks for sharing your websites. I salute you.

May this blog roll provide you with many new online connections.

Please click a social share button (or three) so other people you love can check out the New Writer Blog Roll, too! 🙂

Cheers to your writing career and blog success,



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  1. Sarah Fallon says:    •   4 years

    So excited to be on this list. It’s great having a look through everyone else’s too; Tiffany I had a few failed attempts at the old drivers license too, Good luck! Aubrey, I’m 27 and don’t know what I’m doing either lol.
    I’m going to keep reading now and check out what you all have on offer 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for sharing your blog with everyone. I’m glad you are enjoying the exchanges between different bloggers here.

      Have an awesome week!


  2. Tiffany says:    •   4 years

    Hello, fellow bloggers and writers! I’m honoured to be a part of this Blog Roll! Haha, glad to know that I’m not the only one trying to defeat the boss that is the Drivers’ License, Sarah. Thanks for the luck, I’ll need it for my next attempt at it lol. I think I will also do a little browsing of my own to see what you amazing people have come up with. 🙂

    1. Jonathan Acabo says:    •   4 years

      Hi Tiffany 🙂

      1. Tiffany says:    •   4 years

        Hello, Jonathan. Did you get the chance to check out my blog? 🙂

    2. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hey Tiffany,

      I’m honored as well to have you be a part of this…looking forward to seeing how your writing career progresses.
      Enjoy all these amazing people! Have fun.


      1. Tiffany says:    •   4 years

        Hi, Matt!
        I’m looking forward to seeing how my writing career progresses as well haha. I’m definitely enjoying browsing through all these amazing blogs. 🙂

  3. Justin Irabor says:    •   4 years

    This is a pretty awesome list we have here.

    I’ve always wondered why many reviewers get a kick from writing negative reviews of things – I guess it’s easier, right, than giving positive reviews? – and Jonathan Elmore’s Talking Simian Reviews appears to resonate sympathetically with that POV.

    I’ve just spent the last few hours organizing these blog posts into my own customized lists, complete with sub-genres.

    Amazing. Who knew there was this much good stuff out there?

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Justin,

      Love your positive vibe! Good to hear how much this has benefitted you.
      Wow, you sound pretty organized as well. 🙂

      There is more “good stuff” out there than people realize….that’s why I did this. 🙂

      Keep in touch,


  4. Gabbi Miller says:    •   4 years

    Really excited to have my blog out of this blog roll! I think that a lot of people on here have amazing sites and I can’t wait to read through them.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Gabbi,

      This awesomesauce list of blogs IS pretty exciting, isn’t it. 🙂
      I’m glad you are having fun here.



  5. Dr. Rin Porter says:    •   4 years


    What a fantastic idea – to publish a list of new bloggers and their websites! I was amazed at the variety of topics and people who applied for the writer’s scholarship you created.

    This list is a new source of ideas for me, and I’m sure for others who will go through it and choose some of the blogs to read.

    Thanks for your work in putting this together, and your generosity in coming up with the idea.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hey Rin,

      I’m glad you like this! More have been added since you left this comment. See what you find, okay, and let me know.
      Looking forward to your upcoming “new ideas”.


  6. Lisa says:    •   4 years

    It’s great to be included with so many different types of blogs and bloggers. Thanks for bringing us together, Matthew!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m thrilled and quite pleased to have been able to bring you all together. 🙂
      Enjoy! See what you can find and tell us what you think!


  7. Jen R. says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for including my blog on the Blog Roll Matt! I’m excited to be a part of it. I may be one or the only one of all of us who writes about sports … particularly (almost exclusively) baseball. I’ve had my blog about 3 1/2 years. It moved from blogspot to WP to WP.org finally about a year ago.

    I must say when I look back at my first posts they’re so bad it’s seriously laughable. I hadn’t the slightest idea what in the world I was doing and I still only have a slight idea!! It’s the truth but to anyone really just starting out it gets easier, your writing gets better, the overall look and feel of your blog will change and be molded into something more “you” than when you started. At least, that’s what happened to me although I still really am not too sure what I am doing is even very good.

    I look forward to checking out as many of your blogs as I can!!! If you like sports please head over and check out my baseball blog (it has nothing to do with how cute players’ butts are – that I promise you – I’m NOT that kind of female sports fan! lol). Lately I feel badly because I’ve been neglecting it. So a lot of the new stuff you will see on the first few pages will likely be excerpts from my columns that I write daily for FanRag Sports’ MLB division TodaysKnuckleball.com. I apologize ahead of time for that!

    I’ve been wanting to write something of a more personal nature but I just moved and have been very busy with life and work …. which is something I could absolutely write about! LOL! Just know that all my posts are not always so formal as some of the newest ones on there … If there are any other sports writers out there on this list let me know!

    I like trading guest posts and having fun with other writers … It’s only happened a few times but it is something that I would love to have happen more often – perhaps make it a weekly thing if I knew enough people! Even if you are not a sports writer feel free to contact me – maybe you have a memory or a story or something that relates to what I’m talking about or whatever! Anyways, THANKS AGAIN FOR LISTENING and TO MATT FOR PUTTING THIS LIST TOGETHER!!! Y’all are awesome! Go A’s! (I end most any correspondence with that!) … and even if you don’t like sports you may find my journeys into the wide world of socks interesting … Take care everyone! Have a great day! 🙂

    ~ Jen

    1. Jonathan Acabo says:    •   4 years

      Hi, Jen!

      I’ve visited your blog… and yes you are a sport’s enthusiast. It’s impressive that you are passionate about it. I like your writing style and you have a nice responsive theme! I love green…. I love it.


    2. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Jen,
      I’m happy that you replied so people can see and hear from a sports niche blogger. This is cool!

      I appreciate you sharing your story here. I know many folks have felt or do feel like they “only have a slight idea” what they’re doing. You’re a good example of the benefits of taking action, getting started and learning hands-on, and steady growth in knowledge and content creation quality over time.

      If you want to bounce any ideas off me as far as your “second” personal blog, feel free to email me. I’d be happy to help as much as I can.

      Please let me know if you are or ever in the future write about the KC Royals….I grew up there and am a big fan! How do you see their chances of a WS title this year? (I hope we can still be friends from one Royals fan to an A’s fan. 😉 )

      Seriously, it’s great to hear from you, and I hope you’ll drop by again.



    3. Extreme Sports Blogger says:    •   4 years

      Hi Jen, I would definitely be interested in trading guest posts on sport at some point down the line. My blog is in the early stages and geared towards the extreme side of sport but I’m sure we will have a cross over somewhere.

  8. Jonathan Acabo says:    •   4 years

    Hello, Sir Matthew!

    Thank you so much for adding me here. I was impressed of the number of aspirants listed here. I believe I could be able to create a new list of new found friends from here.

    Thank you so much, once again!


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Sir Jonathan,

      You’re welcome, mate! There are a lot of impressive aspirants here, aren’t there?
      Hope you make many new friends…..like Tiffany, who asked you a question in her comment. 🙂

      Have fun,


  9. Deb Palmer says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for including me in the blog roll. I plan on reading and commenting on as many as possible. Hope others do the same.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Deb,

      You bet! It was good to see your blog and get to know you a little better after our emails and video talk.
      You have a lot of personality. It shows in your blog!
      Have fun with the blog visits and comments.



  10. Brent Jones says:    •   4 years

    What a great list, Matt! I don’t think there are very many folks online as good as you at fostering a sense of community among bloggers.

    Keep up the great work. 🙂


    PS: Just a heads up that I’ll be on the road until the second week of November — wanted to let you know, so if you don’t see me poking around your blog as often as usual, you’ll know why. Thanks a ton!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Brent,

      Thanks, man. This community is a fun bunch! They make it all worthwhile.

      Wow, you’ve been on the road awhile, mate! Let me know if you drop by my neck of the woods. 🙂


      1. Brent Jones says:    •   4 years

        Actually, we just left last Friday… we left later than planned and shortened our trip. I don’t think we’re passing through MO on this run, unfortunately. But would love to meet up with you someday!

  11. Joan says:    •   4 years

    hello to everyone,i am so humbled to be on this blog roll….thank you Matt for creating such an avenue and i look forward to being more inspired by the bloggers/writers on this list.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Joan,

      There’s plenty of inspiration here, for sure. Be sure to check out some of these blogs done by fellow scholarship hopefuls!


  12. tobyo says:    •   4 years

    Hi everyone! And thanks for including my blog. Just wondering….I didn’t get an email telling me about this post. I found it quite by accident after checking my blog’s stats. I clicked on that link and it brought me here. I checked my spam folder and nothing is in there. So I’m glad I found it accidentally! I’m out of town at the moment but hope to check out these other blogs soon!

    happy blogging 🙂

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Tobyo,

      High five for finding this earlier than most! 🙂 I’m going to send the email about this in a couple of hours.



      1. tobyo says:    •   4 years

        oh, aha! I thought maybe since you had so many bloggers that you perhaps missed sending the link to me 🙂 too funny. thanks!

  13. tobyo says:    •   4 years

    Hi Stella at “where my heart travels”. I of course clicked on your blog’s link as I too am a traveler. I immediately found your 12 tips for finding airfare bargains. I’m not all the way through the post yet but wanted to thank you for the incognito setting in Chrome. I have wondered about that so I’m going to use that from now on. Thank you so much!! going back now to read some more while I have a few minutes.

  14. Mark Moran says:    •   4 years

    Hi everyone! Better late than never. 🙂 Thanks so much for putting together this amazing list! I can’t wait to check out some of the great blogs and amazing writers you’ve collected together.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hey Mark,

      You really weren’t that late. 🙂 New applicants in the past week did not get the previous email, so they’ll be jumping in here this week. 🙂



  15. TK Lawyer says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for including me on the blog roll. I think this is a wonderful resource for newbies like me. I am hoping to gain more subscribers and reach out to Paranormal Romance Fans- I know you are out there hiding somewhere. I am trying to find you!! Hoping to gain more readers. Thanks for helping me out.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi TK,

      Be sure to take action here and do the reaching out, and you will then get more readers. There are other novelists on this blog roll….leave comments on their blog. Get to know them. Build a relationship.
      That will reap a lot more than you would if you just passively sit back and wait for others on this list to contact you first.

      Good luck,


  16. Alexander Blum says:    •   4 years

    Novelist trying to get my book, ‘The New Symphony’ published. My website hosts a variety of blog posts, essays and short stories I’ve written on topics ranging from relativism, philosophy, politics, religion, art, spirituality and strong stances on the age we live in

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Alexander,

      That sounds like a thought provoking blog. What is “The New Symphony” about?

      1. Alexander Blum says:    •   4 years

        Well, I’ve been honing a pitch so I hope I explain it alright, but essentially it’s about a city fulled of masked spirits in the afterlife, where an ex-soldier washes ashore and the world around her becomes a reflection of her psyche. She has to transcend her own demons through the world around her, where the reflection of humanity’s discontent has become an incarnation of Cain who is trying to kill God and recreate the world from scratch, a world where humanity doesn’t have to depend on masks. It has abstract concepts but it’s told with very short chapters at a pretty fast pace

        1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

          Hi Alexander,

          That sounds like an amazing story. Is that considered “fantasy”?
          I wish you lots of success with that novel, my friend.



  17. Rebel Wylie says:    •   4 years

    Hey! Awesome blog roll, looks like I have some reading to do!

    Shamelessy dropping my own name here. If you don’t mind a bit of language and saracasm – pop over.

    I blog at Rebel Without A Pause x

    1. Rebel Wylie says:    •   4 years
    2. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Rebel,

      Glad you joined the fun! Enjoy your reading! 🙂
      Your blog is looking good.


  18. Nichole Hall says:    •   4 years

    What a great idea! I am a writer, a wife and a mom who lives with chronic illness. I try to be an encouragement to others in the struggle. I look forward to connecting with others through this post. Thanks so much for doing this!

    My name is Nichole Hall. I’m a writer. My blog is: http://www.nicholehall.com/blog

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Nichole,

      I admire bloggers who use their platform to help others. You’re taking a health challenge and writing posts that many people can relate to. Keep going and growing.
      Drop by again, okay?

      Much Success,


  19. Yatin Khulbe says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew

    You are doing an awesome work of bringing people together. I have gone through some of the blogs. I was surprised to look at the poetry work of the bloggers. Many of them are budding writers. They are sharpening their writing skills by using the free platform.

    From this list, I personally know about Tor’s website. These days, he is all over the blogosphere by spreading his ideas through guest posts.

    As you mentioned in the beginning to include the link of the website. here is the link of my site: http://mushroomcontent.com/ . I hope you will like my efforts.

    Thanks for introducing the writers on a big platform. It feels good to connect with people who are working on improving the lives of other people.

    Keep up the great work

  20. Anna says:    •   4 years

    Dang! I missed that initial email, but you can visit my blog, The Velvet Blue, at thevelvetblue.wordpress.com. I’m a writer and editor!

  21. Madhumitha Murali says:    •   4 years

    Hi, thanks for including my blog in the list. My blog includes variety of poems that show human subtleties and psychology. I also a blog for share price forecast, a safe quote price that are advisory in nature and be used as a supplement tool .

  22. Suzanne Bhagan says:    •   4 years

    Great list. I hope to have a read of some of these blogs soon. Why not also follow the adventures of a husband/wife team from the Caribbean at Hot Foot Trini? http://hotfootrini.blogspot.com/

  23. Kohylah Piper says:    •   4 years

    Matt! Thank you! The blogs here are all so varied in themes, ideas and perspectives, its an honour to be a part of this!

    Keep on blogging everyone!

  24. Chloe says:    •   4 years

    Super cool to have all the links to these aspiring blogger’s websites and being able to check out some new content!!

    My name is Chloe and I recently started a Travel and Style blog called By: Chloe which you can check out here: http://by-chloe.weebly.com/

  25. BMackWrites says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone! My name is Bridgett. My pen name is BMackWrites. I’m a Writer/Blogger/Blogger/Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I blog about life experiences and I don’t mind sharing my testimony to help encourage others. I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom but even better….I know what it takes to get back up again and become greater.
    I think this is a great idea and I look forward to reading more about the rest of you!

  26. Ariam Alula says:    •   4 years

    Hi all,
    I love what you’re doing! I’ll continue to support each of you as I hope to receive your warmth in return. Please check out my blog on transnational identity here: homecoming91.com

  27. Dianna says:    •   4 years

    So excited to find this site! Hoping to learn and grow through such a diverse group of blogs!

  28. Gail Grycel says:    •   4 years

    Hello all,
    New here.I’ve just recently returned from a year of car-less travel around the US, and while on the “road”, I started a travel memoir blog, a whole new world of writing for me…. looking forward to checking out other blogs listed here, and honing my blog writing skills. Thanks.


  29. Anna Peter says:    •   4 years

    To echo the rest of our little blogging community, I too am very giddy to be on this list!

    As I was perusing the featured blogs, I noticed the link to Crytal McLendon’s blog “Apologize in Advance” is broken (at least for me).

  30. Donae says:    •   4 years

    Wow, it’s so exciting to see so many new bloggers all with different interests! Can’t wait to dive in and get to know everyone better! 🙂

  31. Ellen Templar says:    •   4 years

    Hey, Matt!!! Thanks for this opportunity! I think it’s a great idea! I’m at:
    http://www.umpquariverhaven.wordpress.com E

  32. Sgt. Mac says:    •   4 years

    Great idea! I started a blog, but now can’t get my stupid password to work. Will update, soon as I can figure it out. ;(

  33. Sgt. Mac says:    •   4 years

    OK, try this one. What a pain, trying to get a password.

  34. Sgt. Mac says:    •   4 years

    I’m really having a senior moment. I typed the comment in the CAPTCA code, duh. Entirely forgot to say, that I looked at about a third of the blogroll. Although I haven’t followed anyone yet, I see some pretty talented folks out there. 😉

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      There’s a bunch of talent here, Sgt. Mac. Good to hear you’re enjoying this list!


  35. Leah Crane says:    •   4 years

    Hi all! I replied to the e-mail but I don’t seem to have made the list…
    Anyhow, I’m Leah Crane and I’m a science writer! My blog is http://www.DownHereOnEarth.net and I’m excited to have all this new reading!

  36. Priscilla says:    •   4 years

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello! This is so great! Thank you for doing this! Will definitely check out the blogs on the list.

  37. Precious Chiduku says:    •   4 years

    I am overwhelmed right now. This very exciting! At least now I have a clear idea of how I am going to spend all my spare time this week.

  38. Havlr says:    •   4 years

    Hey everyone! I’m looking forward to seeing you all in my page, where I write about inspiration, self-care, food, entertainment and soo much more!
    Take care!

  39. Tor Refsland says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for including me, Matthew,

    Keep up the good work!



    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      My pleasure, Tor! Good to see you in here! 🙂



  40. Lucy says:    •   4 years

    Lifestyle blog-parenting, disability, politics. You name it, I’ll probably have written about it. Check it out 🙂

  41. Jason Ang says:    •   4 years

    Hey awesome bloggers all over the world ! I just set up a personal WordPress site on 27 September 2015 publishing self-created sayings. Please check out my blog for daily inspiration ! Wish to connect with you all. Cheers !

    1. Jason Ang says:    •   4 years

      Here is the link to my blog, https://jasayingscom.wordpress.com/

  42. Jude Obafemi says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the opportunity to come across this roll. It’s is only wishful that I had the luxury of the time to go through each and every one of this thoroughly rich resource. As one who loves the art, to see these writings and not able to surf through each and every one of them is a pain better imagined.

    Thanks for making this possible. Thank you indeed.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Jude,

      I would just bookmark this page and take your time. There’s some real gems here.
      Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy this.


  43. honest says:    •   4 years

    inspirational blogger at


  44. Kurchi Bhattacharya says:    •   4 years

    Discovering Myself is the name of my blog

    Aspiring Science Writer, Poet, Blogger

  45. Kurchi Bhattacharya says:    •   4 years

    myloveforscience is a blog I started very recently, wanted to keep my poetry (passion) blog separate from my science (profession) blog!
    Now that I have a PhD, I feel writing and editing is what I enjoyed the most during these 4 years, yeah apart from pipetting 😉

  46. Kristel says:    •   4 years

    Lovely to e-meet you all! Really encouraging to find so many of us with such an array of interests but a shared love of the written word. Really looking forward to reading your work.

    If anyone would also like to ‘delve’ into my Vajournal, please visit! I particularly love writing about issues around gender, class and race.

    A couple of examples…



    Best of luck and positive vibes to everyone, whether blogging is your hobby or your vocation!

  47. Oroni Tendera says:    •   4 years

    I look forward to sharing experiences with you, talented bards.

  48. Anastasia Moussallem says:    •   4 years

    Hey! Love the idea of sharing this great list of blogs here! I’m a pharmacist and i have started my own blog recently here’s the link http://www.medicaholic.com/. Your blog was very useful for me to get started and I keep checking all your posts regularly!

  49. Chinaza says:    •   4 years

    Hi. Really glad to be a part of thus. Thanks

  50. Chinaza says:    •   4 years

    Hi. Really glad to be a part of this. Thanks.

  51. Devyani Borade says:    •   4 years

    Gosh, I thought I was quick in replying to Matthew’s blog roll invitation, but it seems 76 other writers were quicker! 🙂

    Matthew, thanks for posting this. I have reciprocated the gesture by posting a link to your blog on my website as well: http://devyaniborade.blogspot.com/p/links.html

    In fact, if anyone else here would like to swap links too, please feel free to contact me at v3rbolatry(at)gmail(dot)com. I send out a free monthly newsletter with a fun cartoon on writing–bet y’all will enjoy that! 😀

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Thank you, Devyani! You’re awesomesauce!

      Hope you make a ton of connections.


  52. jayne says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,
    still trying to get to grips with blogging, have set up a blog page on my website ( which is currently just bare bones as I have not been able to fill it out with content ) I have only put up a couple of posts but my second post managed to get over 170 views last time I checked.. thanks to my linkedin contacts.. Obviously your advice about an appealing header works 🙂
    the whole thing is http://www.nursesorders.com.au
    any tips would be appreciated

  53. Sue Moeller says:    •   4 years

    Thanks Matt for this great opportunity for all of us new blog writers! My blog is at http://www.divinelydiverted.com – looking forward to reading and connecting with these new bloggers!!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      You’re quite welcome, Sue! Thanks for sharing your blog with us. 🙂



  54. Jama Jack says:    •   4 years

    Hey everyone,

    Awesome blog roll. Can’t wait to check out as many as I can and add to my Feedly list.

    My blog details:
    Jama Jack
    Linguere: linguerebi.wordpress.com

  55. Olamide Olufadi says:    •   4 years

    Wow am honoured to be included in the list. Shows you are a man of your words. Been enjoying various blogs and sites i have visited so far. I hope y’all like mine?

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Well, thank you for sharing your blog with us. There’s a lot to enjoy here!

  56. Kurchi Bhattacharya says:    •   4 years

    If I missed sending out the links last time:


    Keep rolling bloggers 🙂

    Thanks Matthew for giving us this platform!

  57. Kris Heaton says:    •   4 years

    Thank you so much for inviting me to this group and allowing me to list my blog! 🙂

  58. Chantel DaCosta says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone.

    Wow. Just an impressive list. I am slowly going through at work in between queries. Thanks Matthew for including me.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      No problem Chantel, I’m happy you came to this party. 🙂

      Don’t let your boss catch you reading these blogs! Ha ha, I’m kidding.



  59. Katy Parish says:    •   4 years

    This is great. I plan to visit each and every site. I hope my blog gets listed; would love to share with as many people as possible.

  60. Ashley says:    •   4 years

    Hi there I am Ashley and I blog at thewheelsofgrace.com
    It is a motivational blog and I am working on a memoir to help my parents share their story of being teen parents and living with a wheelchair.

  61. Sgt. Mac says:    •   4 years

    Had a blog for one day, and already changed the link. https://seniormemories67.wordpress.com/

  62. Joan Dempsey says:    •   4 years

    Well, Matt, I’m not sure I can say thank you since I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of browsing blogs on this list! How’s one supposed to write?!

    Seriously, thanks for this. Looking forward to browsing further!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      LOL, I’m, uh, glad you find this so distracting interesting! 🙂
      Great to meet you, Joan. Enjoy!


      1. Joan Dempsey says:    •   4 years

        Ha ha ha!

        And here I am again … 🙂

        Thanks, Matthew.

  63. Alleta says:    •   4 years

    Thank you so much for this Matthew! This is exposing us to writing we wouldn’t have read before.

    You can visit my blog about my faith, fears, family and fun at:


  64. Brigid O'Dea says:    •   4 years


    I’m a children’s poet and gourmande at the kidlit table. Stylewise – if Dr. Seuss and Dallas Clayton produced a child in our modern equal world, I’d probably be her best friend . Check out my Facebook pageHi,


    Much respect x

  65. Adrienne says:    •   4 years

    Oh my goodness Matthew, 150 blogs. It’s going to take me forever to go through those but I know everyone appreciates you sharing their writings and I’m so happy that you’re doing this for them. I’m sure they really do appreciate having you behind them for support.

    If I have some time I’ll check out a few of them, always fun to find some new people to connect with of course.

    Thanks for sharing this list with us Matthew and again for your support of new writers.


    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hi Adrienne,

      Yeah, this was a labor of love. There are some talented folks here. I hope many will connect with you because you’re such a neat person.

      Have fun meeting new people!


  66. Niki says:    •   4 years

    Incredible list of very talented bloggers! I can’t wait to parse through and find some new sites to visit on a regular basis.

    I am a travel and lifestyle blogger myself at Cestlabellevie.com and would appreciate anyone coming to visit and gain some new perspective on different cultures and living life to the fullest!


  67. Teresa says:    •   4 years

    Hello. My blog is a Lifestyle/Frugal blog and I write about Frugal Living, Saving Money and Blogger, and a few other things thrown in 🙂

  68. Chris Martens says:    •   4 years

    Hi, please include me on the roll. I have a food blog please check it out

  69. Chris Martens says:    •   4 years

    Sorry, didn’t quite understand how to post. We have a food blog at http://www.shaysimplegourmet.com. Please check it out we would love to see your comments

  70. Connie Roselli says:    •   4 years


    I am just beginning to blog, with most of the content being my thoughts.

    I do not give retirement advice.

    Just want to have an outlet for my experiences.


  71. Mel says:    •   4 years

    Such diversity here! How brilliant!

    I’ve just started my book review blog with a big deep breath and a leap and I’m having so much fun. I’m in the process of converting to WordPress which is a fun adventure. Looking forward to working through the list. Happy blogging folks!

    1. Mel says:    •   4 years


      If you’d like to check it out 🙂

  72. Cliff Keeler says:    •   4 years

    Hi y’all.

  73. Walt says:    •   4 years

    Hi- fun list!

  74. Nitin says:    •   4 years


    Please do include me on the Blog roll as I am dedicated to helping people and businesses with my new blog. Thank You!


  75. Sonya says:    •   4 years

    Hello. Thanks for including me. I blog about general business and online marketing for newbies.


  76. James Thomas Smith says:    •   4 years

    There are days when something comes to mind and I just “blog” it down.

  77. Jan Stanford says:    •   4 years

    I have an educational blog based on all facets of education. I welcome all comments as well as those who want to give a shout out to their own blog.
    Talk Soon!
    Jan Stanford
    Blogger Queen

  78. Andrew Hood says:    •   4 years

    Just like you Matthew always adding value and helping new bloggers.

    Please don’t forget me and http://www.theweeklytippingpoint.com

    Keep up the incredible work!

  79. Doreen Carlson-Doyle says:    •   4 years

    Thanks, Matthew. I still feel like a “newbie” to the blog scene, but thanks to your advice, I am enjoying penning an eclectic blog that covers everything from soup to nuts!

  80. Beth says:    •   4 years

    Wow, this list will sure keep me busy for a while!
    I’d like to share mine, as well 🙂
    ~Beth, aspiring herbalist and naturalist

  81. Gwen says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m going through several of these sites now, but will have to come back later — there are too many for one sitting! I love the range that’s provided in this selection.

    My blog (http://takingnothingforgranted.com/) is all about exploring computers and using them more efficiently (keyboard shortcuts, anyone?!)

    Thanks for putting this post together, Matthew!


  82. Val says:    •   4 years

    Blogger and Writer at LoveMyDIYHome.com

  83. CBJ says:    •   4 years

    Hi, We have new site/blog up at http://ColoradoBusinessJournal.com. Thanks!

  84. Maggid says:    •   4 years

    Wow! Look at all the people you help! Color me Truly Impressed . . I’ve only just begun to visit these blogs . . . one thing for sure, i have a lot to learn.

    Thanks to you, I’m on the way.

  85. Gordon says:    •   4 years

    Thank you Matt for putting this together. I am trying to go through as many blogs as I can and learn from everyone. There are some fantastic ones on here. Please have a look at my blog when you have a spare minute. Have just started so need some tips and direction. I am blogging about my nightmare years dealing with my parents dementia. Hoping to help others who may have to encounter this devastating illness.
    All the best to all the other bloggers!

  86. Hasna Huzair says:    •   4 years


    Thank you so much for adding my name on the list! Though mine is not technically a blog yet, I enjoy writing on my own facebook page. I do write for some other pages and blogs too.

    I’m still an amateur learning to grasp her hold on the world that is writing and I’m so glad that I could find so many new blogs to boost myself.

    I’d be honoured if I could know what those who have gone through my writings think of them.

    Hasna, The Anonymous Writer.

  87. Roy Tyrrell says:    •   4 years

    What an amazing array of great material Matt. My own blog will obviously be covering coaching but also other topics such as harmony, trust, perceptiveness and understanding. All the best ingredients for health, prosperity and satisfaction in our lives and workplaces.

  88. Ila Varma says:    •   4 years


    It’s a honor for me. Just take care that my contents are not plagiarized, which are my copyright.
    Have a nice day.

  89. Ila Varma says:    •   4 years


  90. Precious Chiduku says:    •   4 years

    SO far, I have found 2 great bloggers… Still searching. It’s a bit slower than i thought. But I am loving it, anyway. Check out my blog at http://www.sharedsentiments.org

  91. Lee-Anne says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the invitation to be included in your New Writer Blog Role.
    I would love to get some feedback on my work.
    My blog can be found at http://justmeplease.com/



  92. Osun Christiana O. says:    •   4 years

    Hello everybody.
    The number of blogs and outturn is really impressive and quite overwhelming. Thanks Matt.

    Name: Osun Christiana
    Title: Inspiration, motivation, politics and life (Aspiring writer)
    Blog link: kristyhanah.blogspot.com

  93. Diane says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone! I launched my blog 5 months ago, so I guess technically, I’m still a newbie. I’m developing a following by commenting on blogs I’ve found through lists that some bloggers generously include. This list is a boon, Matthew! I’ll enjoy reading the ones I think may be relevant to the demographic I’m addressing—Boomers and Pre-Boomers. The Lucky Few I include in my title are those of us born just before the Boomers in 1945. Makes us appear really old, I know! But you will be surprised what a vigorous and active group it is! Thanks again.

  94. Rickey Harris says:    •   4 years

    Loving the list here, Matthew!! So many people with new blogs on here!! You are an inspiration to beginning bloggers. My blog, “Rick’s Adventures” is at http://www.rickeytravels.com. I hope to see all of you there!!

  95. Katelyn Skipper says:    •   4 years


    First of all, I never thought about blogging about my writing.
    It never crossed my mind, I usually just posted my new work
    on twitter. But since I have tumblr, i thought I’d utilize one of
    my side blogs! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    Katelyn N. Skipper

  96. Anuj says:    •   4 years


  97. Anuj says:    •   4 years

    Hello thanks for adding me to the list. I specialize in Calisthenics, which is a lost art of physical training. Look forward to meeting you all !

  98. rich says:    •   4 years

    Hi, I’m Rich, Matt you’re a star, we’ve chatted loads before and without your help I’d never have got started.
    My blog is about my life – I killed someone in a car crash 22 years ago, almost to the day and I wanted to share my story and life and how I got there and then dealt with it after. If I could save one person from going through what I have and perhaps avoid another innocent life being lost, then I feel that the struggle has all been worth it.
    Check it out of you like, it’s still work in progress but I’ll get there….. http://www.iBlogAbout.net
    Good luck everyone with your blog – Matt is great if you need help.
    Good work my friend

  99. Daniel Foxx says:    •   4 years

    This is a great idea. I must have missed your announcement last week. Too much going on I guess. I’d like to get in on this and have my website listed. Looking forward to establishing contact with some of the bloggers on this list.

  100. Charlaine Martin says:    •   4 years

    Hi! Thank you, Matthew, for all the help you offer us with your blog tips. I’ve appreciated them even though I haven’t commented on your blog. I look forward to meeting some really great bloggers out there. Thanks for connecting us!

    My primary blog: http://www.totallyfit4life.net/blog.html

    My secondary (I don’t post often on this one)

    Blessings to you!
    Charlaine Martin

  101. Sanjay Banerjee says:    •   4 years

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  102. www.koifishcross.com says:    •   4 years

    Awesome idea! Thank you to Matt and all the bloggers out there! From http://www.koifishcross,com

  103. Pól Murray says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew,
    Thanks for the help. Started my blog in June, have what I believe to be decent content slowly building on it as I go but can’t seem to get it noticed. Hopefully this will help

  104. Ricky says:    •   4 years

    Hello everyone! Great to be here in this hall of famers. I am a coach, researcher, and writer. My blog is called Under Construction. It’s all about being in a constant state of progress. Always building yourself whether in your personal life or career, most likely intertwined. I hope to encourage others by giving them insights and tools to guide them toward their goals. I encourage people during times of self doubt and fear. Your passion and purpose will only take you so far. You need useful and actionable guides. That’s why I’m here.

  105. Linda says:    •   4 years

    Hi, this is my site http://www.thecatinfo.com containing advice on cat health, articles on types of products for cats, pet trackers and locators, missing pet registers, pet detective services. New articles to be added soon

  106. Linda says:    •   4 years

    My site squirrelinfo.com is an informational site containing useful articles, help and advice and information on useful relevant organisations.

  107. Dana Wolf says:    •   4 years

    I must have missed the post about the blog roll. I’d love to have my site listed.

    Also, a big hello to all the writers out there. I’m looking forward to reading some of your blogs!

    I love making new friends and connections so please feel free to drop me an email at:
    [email protected]

    Would love if you would check out my blog at: http://www.thesoulpreneur444.com/ <3

    Thanks! Wishing all of you the best!

  108. Kandi Johnson says:    •   4 years

    My blog, Kandi’s Corner, is a compilation of columns that have been published as a monthly submission to The Writer’s Group – an opinion page of The Spectrum, St. George, UT. I also plan to add more content – as The Writer’s Group has now been disbanded due to a change in the direction of the newspaper.

    Thank you for your interest in my blog.

  109. Trish says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew! Excited to have started my blog. I have been getting tons of views, needing to build followers!



  110. Chavis Chauychoo says:    •   4 years

    I like to join but don’t know how to begin?

  111. Lisa Head says:    •   4 years

    Hi! I hope to spread a daily dose of Inspiration to all! Read, enjoy, and be inspired!

  112. Katy Parish says:    •   4 years

    Hi…please add me to the blog list

  113. Ila Varma says:    •   4 years
  114. American Chimæra says:    •   4 years

    Matt’s a fountain of great blogging advice, that’s for sure!

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Thank you, A.C.!

  115. Don says:    •   4 years

    Matt, great idea! Happy to be the first bug blog on the list. Thanks also in advance for folks who come follow – we could use more readership and comments to increase our organic!

  116. Mary Thompson says:    •   4 years


    Hi, everyone! Thanks, Matt for introducing us to each other!
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    (not here but perhaps on TV), check out reliability checks for words: B.S.Detecting; the Flip Side of Success-Possible
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  117. Éric Jouis says:    •   4 years

    always good the ear from matt good pertinente info and advise.
    thanks Éric

  118. Janelle Almonte says:    •   4 years

    Hi. I am new to the Blogging World.

  119. Margot says:    •   4 years

    Hi to all and a special thank you to Matt. You have been an absolute goldmine of information, especially for someone who had no idea how to set up a blog. Many thanks and happy blogging to all on this site.

  120. Jennifer says:    •   4 years

    I have just started a social media business to help people advertise their small business using social media. Thank you to Matthew who has given me GREAT tips for my blog and that I will pass on to others.

  121. Susan Dobrodt says:    •   4 years

    Thanks so much for doing this, Matthew. Your blog has been so helpful to me as I’ve begun to create my own blog. I look forward to checking out many of the blogs on your list.

  122. Kerryn Booth says:    •   4 years

    Hi everyone! My blog is about what I am learning in my life as an individual, a wife and mother of two year old twins. It’s called ‘Come and Be Real’ because I believe we can pretend that we have it all together but in reality everyone has problems and ‘challenges’ that happen in our lives. So my blog is where I am real about my challenges and what I can and have learned from them! It is still a work in progress but I’d love to have you visit 🙂 Thanks Matt for this and all the help you have given me along the way!


    1. Extreme Sports Blogger says:    •   4 years

      Hi Kerry,

      Just a heads up – Tried to read your blog posts but each post simply redirects to your contact page.

      1. Kerryn Booth says:    •   4 years

        Thank you! I’m still trying to work out the website side of things. I’ll have to go look at it again.

        1. Kerryn Booth says:    •   4 years

          I think I have fixed the problem now 🙂

  123. Sharon says:    •   4 years


    Thank you for the opportunity. Just getting started.
    Name of blog: this is His song
    Link: http://mail4ssj.wix.com/thisishissong

    Thank you.

  124. Ingo says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew
    Nice concept.

    Ingo (Family & Parenting Blogger)…parentinggist.com


  125. The Traveling Wizard says:    •   4 years

    Hi, I’m traveling to every country in the world and here’s my blog and videos about my adventures. I’m at 163 and counting!

  126. Lenny Byrd says:    •   4 years

    Hi! I am glad to be starting up my blog, and I’m enjoying getting to know everyone. I would love to hear from any of you.

  127. Melanie Bounds says:    •   4 years

    Wow! What an awesome list! I am so excited to look at all these sites. My blog is pretty what it says – an insight into my messy brain – and I am truly living my journey.


  128. Teri Fullmer says:    •   4 years

    Hi All!

    Thanks so much, Matt, for including me and for all your help along the way. My blog is simply about the journey and struggles/challenges/successes of myself and other women over 50 (Or anyone! I’m pretty age friendly) Turning 50, although not earth shattering, was eye-opening. Time is going by and I need to do something with it! This blog has been extremely fun and satisfying. I’ve learned so many things.

    Thanks again, Matt!

  129. Laura Andrea says:    •   4 years

    Looking forward to all this new reading material!

    I’m Laura Andrea, Fiction Writer, Blogger and Really Bad Poet and my blog is at https://yourenotreadingthis.wordpress.com/

  130. Patrick says:    •   4 years

    Lots of interesting blogs here. Looking forward to checking out more of them.
    Please add me to the list. Thanks.

  131. Grace says:    •   4 years

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a new blogger and want to learn how to have a better blog and outreach. I help counsellors and teachers with play therapy techniques and counseling issues. My blog is http://counselorgames.blogspot.com. My newest post is about Red Ribbon Week. http://counselorgames.blogspot.com/2015/10/red-ribbon-week-how-did-it-start.html
    I am interested in a new look and welcome your comments. I am excited to be a part of Matthew’s blog roll!

  132. Donna Harvey says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matthew, I have to Thank you for Two things. First I would like to Thank you for getting me started with my Blog. I didn’t know a thing about it, but you laid it out step by step, and I thank you for that. I now have my own Blog, http://www.createanbehappy.com thanks to you. Second I want to thank you for this great Blog Roll. I can’t wait to start reading, and making new friends. Since we are all Newbies, I think it is a great Idea for us to help each other, I know I can use all the help I can get! I hope you get a chance to check out my Blog, I give all the credit to you, Thanks Matt
    From The Crazy Country Girl, Donna Harvey

  133. Ava Ferguson says:    •   4 years

    Hi All

    Thank you Matt for inviting me to this great group.

    It’s a great day! I am joining fellow bloggers and my cookbook Backyard Grilling got published today on Amazon.


    Ava Ferguson

  134. Precious Chiduku says:    •   4 years

    Now, I understand why you want to help upcoming bloggers! Seriously at first I just thought, oh well. It’s just one of those things; giving back to society type of thing. But I have been through a dozen blogs now (my progress is slower than I initially anticipated) and I am just amazed. THERE IS SO MUCH UNDISCOVERED TALENT. So many blogs that the world needs to know about!
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I have encountered some great people. People I thought don’t exist anymore! Thank you.

  135. Rebekah says:    •   4 years

    I would love to be included in this list: http://www.rldesignsstudio.com

  136. Alex says:    •   4 years

    Hey Matthew,
    Thanks for your generous offer and support. Great list here! You’re a gentleman and a scholar man!

    My blog is about Living and Leading with Purpose. I write about personal development, leadership, vision, and time-sensitive productivity.

    Thanks again,

  137. Ellen Morrow says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,
    Greatly appreciate all the information and support you offer to us clueless bloggers. Thanks so much for accepting add ons.

    The Doods are my amazing (of course) therapy dogs who volunteer at UCLA Medical Center and Providence Hospital. I think people have been encouraging me to write about them in the hopes that I’d shut up and stop talking about them. No such luck. From my first post, Confessions of a Happy Dogaholic, to my most recent, I’m a Dog Walker and a Street Walker, I really hope to entertain and occasionally inspire.

    Thanks again! Without your blog I never would have gotten started.

  138. Janelle says:    •   4 years

    My new blog has been launched. Would love for you to check it out and share your thoughts.

  139. Sherry Gibbs says:    •   4 years

    My name is Sherry Gibbs. I’m a student/blogger, and my blog is called In The Book.

  140. Sujha Sundararajan says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks a ton for inviting me to the new bloggers roll… I an Sujha Sundararajan and my blog is http://www.desihues.wordpress.com. Cheers!!!

  141. zuimmie says:    •   4 years

    Hi Everyone! I am zuimmie. This is my first attempt in writing a blog. Got lots to learn from everyone! ☺

  142. Odiah Azu. says:    •   4 years

    This is an amazingly long list.
    I did try my best to go through at least 70 totally different blogs, and they were really cool, by the way.
    I especially liked TK Lawyer. Although I’m not too sure why. But frankly, why not?
    All the blogs and posts really helped me considering ideas and concepts for the blog I consider making soon enough. Each was unique, diverse, full of independent life and yet similarly streamlined to cater to a wide range of audience. I hope to have more time to go through the rest.
    Thanks again Matthew,
    for giving writers a more advantaged chance. Definitely worth it.
    *ps: numbers 36 and 150 are the same blog by the same person.

  143. Meghan Malaatjie says:    •   4 years

    my blog is called littlemisssuunshine.wordpress.com and i would love to added to the list

  144. Jesse says:    •   4 years

    Thanks so much, Matthew for all you do for the blogging community. You inspired me to take the plunge and try out blogging.

    My blog is about daily life and experiences we all share as individuals, as spouses, as parents and as children of God. It’s meant to be an encouraging place to know we’re not alone even when some says it feels that way.
    Thank you!!!

  145. Sean says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,

    Hope I’m not too late to be added to the list. Looking forward to reading through these blogs. Check out my own blog here:




  146. Ellen Morrow says:    •   4 years

    Oops never put the blog name in my first comment. meandthedoods.com is about my funny, amazing therapy dogs. Thanks again Matt.
    Ellen Morrow

  147. Allan Bell says:    •   4 years

    Matthew, please add me to your list. I’m a baseball enthusiast and my blog, BaseballScenarios.com, reflects that by reliving events from baseball’s past. Thanks for your help in providing the information I needed to get everything up and running.

  148. toni says:    •   4 years

    hey im new to blogging follow me : http://nailqu33n.tumblr.com/

  149. Extreme Sports Blogger says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt. Kudos.

    Not quite ready to publish my own blog just yet but it is called- http://www.extremesportsblogger.com

    For those interested in extreme sports such as skydiving, wingsuit proximity flying, scuba diving, MTB, BMX, Surfing etc they should bookmark the site and also subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow us on Twitter and G+.

  150. Extreme Sports Blogger says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt. Kudos.

    Not quite ready to publish my own blog just yet but it is – http://www.extremesportsblogger.com

    Will definitely be looking to forge relationships and offer like-minded people and guest posters the opportunity to share their very own extreme sports passion and experiences with guest posts, videos and photos.

    For those who have an extreme sports passion or who are interested in extreme sports such as skydiving, wingsuit proximity flying, scuba diving, MTB, BMX, Surfing etc they should seriously consider bookmarking http://www.extremesportsblogger.com and also subscribing to my YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/c/ExtremeSportsBlogger and following us on Twitter – https://twitter.com/XSportsBlogger and Google + https://plus.google.com/+ExtremeSportsBlogger

    Keep an eye on this site Matt and drop me a line once it’s up and running so that I can return the favour dude.

    Kudos and Blue Skies.

  151. Sarah says:    •   4 years

    Hey Matthew,

    Thanks so much for creating this. Reading a blog a day…

    Hello fellow writers! What great things you have to say…enjoying a slow meander through all of your offerings.

    I have only just dipped my toe into the blog scene. My posts are sporadic but I’m here to stay 🙂


    1. Sarah says:    •   4 years

      Oh and my blog is fractionsofthewhole.wordpress.com

      🙂 Sarah

  152. Precious Chiduku says:    •   4 years

    hmmm… I wish there was a way of knowing who visited your blog so you can surely visit them back.

    1. Dana says:    •   4 years

      Great idea!!! 🙂

      I’m cupofkismet.com. What’s yours? 🙂

  153. Antonia says:    •   4 years

    My site is about embracing the later years of our life. After all, these just might be some of our best years. I share my personal experience mashed in with humor, spirituality, and gratitude.

  154. Madhumitha Murali says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,
    Could you add this blog to the list too. http://cascadingwithbooks.blogspot.in/
    …There existed a man, who spoke in poetic verses. He witnessed a murder at night, the terrific night, he verses upon the tragic view with intensity of lines, but people don’t take him seriously. For one man understood him, he was a threat, one man tried to protect him, and he was his friend.” …

  155. Extreme Sports Blogger says:    •   4 years

    Hi again Matt,

    I have been through your list and some really interesting blogs but can I make a suggestion to some of those on your list Matt.

    Please, please, please make it easier for your readers to actually contribute to your blog.

    Some don’t have the ability to post a comment whatsoever and others force you to use social media comment plugins that quite frankly require readers to jump through hoops to post a comment.

    I liked Jen’s baseball blog but finding a post to be able leave a comment on is almost impossible. Kinda defeats the object of having a blog and posting its existence here- don’t ya think guys.

    For the love of blogging, if you want a real audience that interacts please stop using comment plugins that are designed primarily for other bloggers to get noticed. Your blog is for people not for other bloggers. Make it easier for your readers and followers to leave a comment without the need to jump through hoops to do so. You engagement and interaction will increase as a result.

  156. Kenneth says:    •   4 years

    Hello Matt,

    This was a great idea!! Could you please add my blog to the list. I have only been able to read through a few of the blogs so far, but some have been very interesting.

    To my fellow bloggers keep up the good work and hope to hear from some of you soon!

  157. Wendy says:    •   4 years

    Hi everyone, having fun with learning blogging and meeting new people 🙂

  158. Kenneth says:    •   4 years

    To my fellow bloggers I have also tried to reply to some of your blogs but was unable. You should have a reply area to post a comment and maybe not social media plugins.

    Just a suggestion. My blog: mannthwindowwithaview.com

  159. Lily Caraballo says:    •   4 years

    Holy crap, I’m on the blog roll. This is cool, I’m super stoked about this. Thanks Matt for giving me such an opportunity 😀

    Guess I’m gonna have to step my game up now…

  160. Mary St. Dennis says:    •   4 years

    This is quite a list! Thank you for giving all the new kids on the block a voice.

  161. Marlene Diedrick says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for this opportunity. I launched marspeak.net last June with many blogs since then. Am writing from my experiences from 29 moves in 59 years of marriage around the U.S. and living in five other countries: New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, South Korea, and Mexico (with my husband and four children.) These experiences have shaped my political and social beliefs. I write to tell the what and why of those beliefs. Will focus on Election 2016 with the same what and why information.

    Thanks again,
    Marlene Diedrick

  162. Holly says:    •   4 years

    I’m a chef, journalist and graphic designer. I just started my blog, and I’m looking for feedback. Please let me know what you think. I really want to continue developing this, and I want to focus on the material. Thanks! http://www.thepantryguide.com

  163. Daniel Foxx says:    •   4 years

    I’m going through this list as I have time and posting a comment. This roll is a great idea to help out us bloggers. There is about 8 months of content on my blog. I try to blog at least once a week, sometimes I post one or two a week.

    I invite all of you to come visit my blog page on my website at http://www.daniel-foxx.com
    Though my blog is new and a bit eclectic I’m trying to find a niche. You’ll find content about movies, books, writing, and some nostalgic pieces. Please comment and let’s help Matthew make us all great bloggers.

    My blog page is on my website at http://www.daniel-foxx.com.

  164. David Duncan says:    •   4 years

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a great week so far!
    My name is David Duncan and I am a certified personal trainer in Columbus, Ohio.
    My blog is http://www.duncanfitness.wordpress.com

    I would love for you all to check it out and let me know what you think!
    Also, if anyone happens to be in the market for a personal trainer, please email me at [email protected]

    Happy blogging!

  165. isaac Kasenjere says:    •   4 years

    checkout my blog,am unable to submit

  166. Lane says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,
    Don’t know if I can still join in the new bloggers group but have been reading some of these and I think they are marvellously ‘way ahead of me in the talent department but if I jump on board, I know I will learn a lot!! Reading here has been amazing! The sky’s the limit in subject matter. I love it. Perhaps there are some bloggers like me, semi retired or younger people who would enjoy some of my memories of growing up on the prairies as I did in an era I call: “simpler times.” I don’t have the website of my dreams yet and am just blogging pages and pages right now, which is actually going to be my book of memoirs one day. Anyways I can be found @ Memory Lanes Site @ http://www.pagesofmymindblog.com
    Looking forward to meeting new bloggers.
    Thank you, Matt for all the doors you open for us!

  167. Dannie BA says:    •   4 years

    Great stuff you are doing there. You can check me out at datuhaire.blogspot.com. I basically write just about anything travel, tech and lots of other stuff.

  168. Quennie M. says:    •   4 years

    Absolutely the best help with starting my blog. Matthew L. always responds to questions so quickly, no matter how many questions I ask. I’m so glad I found your website, it’s always so informative. Thank you!!!
    My website is a beauty/various products reviews blog. Please check out my blog at http://www.qsbeautyandbeyond.com Thank you!!!

  169. Devyani Borade says:    •   4 years

    Dear Matthew,

    I’ve spread the word about your $4,000 New Writer Scholarship (and your website) in the latest issue of Writing-World.com newsletter, which went out to thousands of subscribers on 5 Nov 2015.
    I hope it will come in useful to you.

    Best wishes,

  170. Tracy Twyman says:    •   4 years

    Hi, Thank you Matt for giving us all the opportunity to share our sites and to learn from and through you. It is really interesting seeing what themes people have chose, their topics etc. It has certainly given me some ideas of how I might be able to develop mine. My blog is The Law of Attraction in Action with a sub-title of Why Your Life is Like It Is and How To Change It. It can be found at http://www.thelawofattractioninaction.org/ – Thanks Tracy

  171. Chris says:    •   4 years


    Thanks to you and your website, I now have a blog!

    Living and traveling on our sailboat has long been a dream of ours, which we are now fulfilling. Check us out at http://www.MangoesMarleyAndMermaids.com!

    If you check it out, please let me know what you think!


  172. HEnry Tamale says:    •   4 years

    http://www.henrytamale.com was started as a result of reading and being encouraged by Matt and various posts on http://www.buildyourownblog.net

    Kudos Matt!!

  173. Anthony says:    •   4 years

    Thank you for the advice you have given me. Being a very new blogger you give me the confidence to keep blogging. My Blog name is Love my pet. Here’s the address http://www.petsource.co/ Again thank you for all that you do!


  174. Ila says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,

    Pls add my blogs into your list.

    The links of my blog are as follows:


  175. M.L.Anderson says:    •   4 years

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs and posting comments.

  176. Lisa says:    •   4 years

    I’m at http://la.skyspell.org
    It’s a small personal blog, but feel free to check it out! 😀

  177. Sarah says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for the positive encouragement and for building this community space, Matthew, and to all of the other bloggers out there who are participating. I’d love to have my blog included in the roundup: http://www.sarahelizabethaldrich.com/blog. Mostly, it’s prose and is about my experience as an American who has recently moved to Vietnam. But I write about other topics and also like to use poetry from time to time.


  178. Sandi Schwartz says:    •   4 years

    This is a great way for us to get to know each other. Come check out http://www.happysciencemom.com, a parenting toolkit for raising happy, balanced children. Read, comment, pass along. Thanks for the support!

  179. Ellen Li says:    •   4 years

    Ellen Li

  180. Brooke says:    •   4 years

    My name’s Brooke. I’m a student, aspiring creative writer, Christ follower, and amateur photographer. I have a new blog called Of Faith and Fancy. Check it out here: https://offaithandfancy.wordpress.com/ – It’s inspirational writings, rambles about cabbages and kings, and my pretty photography. Enjoy!

  181. Osun Christiana O. says:    •   4 years

    Hi everyone

    My name is Osun Christiana, I just started blogging about a month ago. I write mainly on motivation, inspiration, politics and life. Just whatever pops into my head. It’s nice being on a platform like this. My blog is http://www.kristyhanah.blogspot.com

    P.S: Thanks so much Matt for the tips and advice. It’s been great so far.

  182. Zac Moulder says:    •   4 years

    Hey all, I’m a collaborative writer working on my first novel series based on Japaneee folklore.
    Feel free to check out my blog where we post updates on the series if you’re interested. Thanks.
    Blog: ashinouraseries.wordpress.com

    1. Zac Moulder says:    •   4 years

      My apologies. *Japanese

  183. Tazeem says:    •   4 years

    happy to see so many new bloggers

  184. Yara says:    •   4 years

    Dear Matt, dear all,

    I look forward to reading you and exchanging ideas with you. My blog, Aristotle at Afternoon Tea, is a series of weekly conversations about anything and everything from politics to art, philosophy to wine, culture to culture shock. I hope you’ll join in!

  185. Shanoye' says:    •   4 years

    Salut! I write poetry and draw abstract pieces. My blog is relatively new.

    Best regards,
    I am just “the pen in the hand of the Master Writer.”

  186. Havle says:    •   4 years

    Hello everyone!
    I’m very excited to be here 🙂 I have attached the link to my blog here, I would be very happy to see you there! 🙂 I don’t have a specific topic that I write about, but I would call it an inspiration blog if I were to select an option! If you wanna be inspired anytime, you a can always visit Mysweeetblog for a little relief! 😉
    Take care!

  187. John says:    •   4 years

    John Smistad
    “The Quick Flick Critic”

    Quick, concise and compelling Movie Reviews for all variety of genres, tastes and eras.

    Check it out and let me know what you think, guys. Thanks! John

  188. Jim Asudi says:    •   4 years

    I am happy to be here. Thank you Mathew

  189. Eloise says:    •   4 years

    Hello, I’m Eloise. I have just launched my new blogging site and would love for people to come check it out!


    Monday topics: Health
    Wed topics: family/parenting/relationships
    Friday topics: Free write

  190. John says:    •   4 years

    Kick arse blog, E! Totally professional. How did you construct this so beautifully?

    John Smistad
    “The Quick Flick Critic”

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Thanks, John. How I constructed it so beautifully is thanks to WordPress.

  191. Dana says:    •   4 years

    Hi Matt,

    Here is the link for my updated site, “a cup of kismet”

    http://www.cupofkismet.com/ – spirituality with a twist of wit and humor

    I’ve been checking out some of the blogs here. Lots and lots of talented people on board. I’m going to continue reading! 🙂

    Best of luck to all. 🙂


  192. Rina says:    •   4 years

    Hey everyone!

    I blog at http://girlinthemetro.com. Would love for y’all to check it out 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity Matt! You’ve got a great list of blogs here.

    1. Sujha Sundararajan says:    •   4 years

      Hello Rina…

      I just added your blog to my list. I liked the post ”Anatomy of a Morning Commute.” Actually speaking, the scene you had mentioned earlier on a jeep ride towed me to imagine the scene in India. Since I am from India, this is the same condition in metros here as well. In a jeep that could accommodate only 8, 15 to 17 commuters would pour in and sit on laps of others. Though the scene looks uncomfortable and tiring, it is humorous to see so many people jamming into a single jeep.

  193. Sujha Sundararajan says:    •   4 years

    Hello All.

    Good to see your blogs… My blog is desihues.wordpress.com and please do follow it. Thanks Matt for this golden opportunity…


  194. D Rossi says:    •   4 years

    hello, all: I’m kinda late to the party but hope you’ll check out my Life among the Humans blog as I’m checking out yours!

    D Rossi

  195. Trish Taylor says:    •   4 years

    Hi there! Please forward any blogging tips to me and help me to grow my awesome blog. Thanx! Trish Taylor

  196. Maddy Osman says:    •   4 years

    Hey Matt!

    Would love if you added both



    The-Blogsmith.com (blogging tips and tricks with a digital marketing edge)

    to your list!


  197. Alleta says:    •   4 years

    Hi all,

    I have had to move over from Blogger to WordPress so my new blog link is: http://www.aletterwrites.wordpress.com.

    I am a wife, mother, blogger and in my spare time I keep track of whose turn it is to play with the Ipad.

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Hey Alleta,

      I like that description of what you do in your spare time. 🙂 I’m a dad so I can relate.

      Thanks for sharing,


  198. Anne Davidson says:    •   4 years

    Thank you Matt for letting all join in. I’m a poet/writer I have poems and short stories and share them. My biggest dream is to be a writer. To share my writing with the whole world. I just don’t know if I am any good at it but do love it. Here is one of my poems from the link I shared. And another link to my other writes.


    My inspiration,
    comes from the world.
    In their presence,
    I find my joy.

    With a thankful heart,
    I shall smile.
    Walking my every mile.

    Hoping to touch their souls.
    Life It takes its tolls.
    But one should always stay tall.
    Even when many leave their call.

    So come unite with my heart.
    Leave behind the fears.
    Let lose the tears.
    And open up to all the joys.


    “Defeat of The Evil Queen”

    It was calm and quiet night and the stars where shineing brightly in the night sky, however one person was still awake.

    Inside a small house was a young girl,
    No older then 16 she had just awoke
    From the worse dream she had ever had.
    Her eye brows was drenched with sweat indicating she just had a nightmate.

    “Mother where are you?” Said the girl
    Silence filled the air.
    She soon remembered,
    Her mother couldn’t awnser her.
    For she had been dead for years.

    Just when she was about to go back to bed, she heard a knock on the door.
    She walked to the door to opened it,
    She saw an older gentleman
    standing in her door way.

    “Well this is a surprise, I never though I would see the day that the great General Devon Drake would come and vist me.
    I guess today is my luck day.”
    Said the girl with a chuckle.

    The man known as Devon had a displeasing look on his face that show that
    comment was unnecessary.

    “You would be wise not to insult me girl. But I am not here to play mind games with you, I am here to give you a mission. ”
    Devon said.

    “The Evil Queen has struck again.
    And there are many that need your,
    Healing hands my child.

    But this mission is dangerous.
    For she may seek you out to stop you.”

    “You know I fear nothing,
    When there are souls in need,
    Of my help.” Said Airiana.

    Soon Airiana set out to heal,
    Those that was in need.
    She reached the town of Deston,
    There her life would change forever.

    For the evil queen had sent,
    Her men to kill her.
    She fought them,
    And used her healing powers,
    To break her powers upon them.

    Slowly the evil queens,
    Army was no more.
    Forcing her to show herself to Airiana.
    There they stood face to face.

    “What have you done young lady.”
    Said Malani.

    I have brought your curses to a end.
    And set those men free from your power.
    Cause its time for a end to your rane.

    The night sky soon was light up,
    By the power of the ladys.
    As they used their magic against,
    Each other not knowing the out come.

    Airiana waiting for the purfect time,
    To blast Malani with a powerful,
    White light ball of lightening.

    Soon Airiana had brought
    her to her knees.
    With tears in her eyes.
    She had to admit her defeat.

  199. Benjamin says:    •   4 years

    Hi all! Wow, this list has really grown! I look forward to checking out the blogs of all these people who are so dedicated to their writing. For now, though, I wanted to leave the information for mine. I am really grateful for people like Matt. Honestly, I don’t really care about the writing scholarship. Stumbling across his site was like falling into a gold mine! Two writing classes, some tutorials, and a few blog posts later, I have a rekindled flame driving me to grow as a writer; and I’m enjoying every second of it! If you get a chance and would like to take a look at my blog, here is the link:

    Spirited Soliloquy: A Loquacious Learner’s Literature Library


  200. Rachel Babcock says:    •   4 years

    Hello Matt,

    I’m a blogger and writer. My writings focus on positive life lessons. I’m also writing my first book. Can you add my website/blog to your list? I just started the website.


    Thank you!

  201. Barry says:    •   4 years


    Can you add my blog to the roll please? It deals with my experiences as an aspiring writer.



  202. Beth says:    •   4 years


    I’m a bit late but just got my blog up this week. Matt, you have been a big help in getting me over the hurdles of starting. Thank you so much!

    My blog is about weight loss surgery and will be a place for sharing, support and motivation.

    Thanks again,

  203. J Cooke says:    •   4 years

    Thanks for allowing us to participate. I’m not a poet or anything, just a retiree who wants to pass on some experiences I’ve had in my chosen field. I’m struggling with the mechanics of Word Press etc more than the ideas and writing.

    The participants here have some amazing talent and I wish only success for them!
    All the best,

    1. Matthew Loomis says:    •   4 years Author

      Cheers J,

      Great to hear from you! My Step 5 videos can help with WordPress mechanics.

      Good Luck,


  204. Patricia Taylor says:    •   4 years

    Please add us to your Blog Roll
    Thank you so much

  205. samuelbeckettcom says:    •   4 years

    ..was irish playwright and novelist. He could be a postmodernist or an Absurd Theatre artist, like Eugéne Ionesco. – http://www.samuel-beckett.com/