How to Start a BlogA Step-By-Step Guide

Dummy proof guide to build your own blog

Building your own blog doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

You can get started today by following my simple, easy-to-follow steps here at Build Your Own Blog.

My name is Matthew Loomis, and I put together this total blog building program so that more people can get out of the rat race and find meaningful work they love to do through their own high quality blog.

This is your opportunity to do the same. Or get left behind.

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What makes this guide different from the others?


There are two common problems other blog building websites that get people started on the wrong blog track.

What are these two “common problems”?

1. System vs. Content

While studying other “how to” blog sites out there, I noticed they’re commonly based on the same approach… Systems. Systems. And more systems.

Systems are fine. But without great content, a blog system isn’t going to do much to help you attract readers or clients in the long run.

My focus on high quality content as the key to blogging success is what separates this site from the herd.

This lack of information on content typically found on other blog sites creates a second unfortunate result for their users…

2. Providing Shallow Advice Instead of Deep

shallow advice

You see, most of the other sites out there end up being shallow—they get people started, but then abandon their students before they can build a level of momentum for their blog that’s sustainable.

In other words, most blog training websites stop educating their users after they launch their blogs. As a result, people get left treading water.

Here at Build Your Own Blog you will get “deep water.”

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Why Pay?

save money

The few other websites out there that can teach you how to blog charge a hefty price for their information. These sites typically want anywhere from $99 to about $250.

Why would you want to pay for advice that you can get free right here at no charge?

With my free email newsletter, blogging tips articles I publish weekly here, and the personal personal attention I give to folks who need it, all at no additional charge, why wouldn’t you choose to start your blog right here.

No Need to Fear

you are freeWordPress is something I am comfortable teaching to other people.  I already have epic long tutorials on WordPress, both on the blog you can read and my Learning WordPress video. Having these free tools should help you relax and feel comfortable getting started.

Ready To Start Your Own Blog? Get started now with the first step in this guide

You Can’t Lose with this Process

You will succeed as a blogger if you are willing to follow these simple instructions step-by-step.
I’ve been able to see people quit jobs they despise, start their own business through blogging and reap the rewards over time. This is a great feeling.
My goal is to help even more people learn how to build their own blog this next year. So don’t hesitate to message me if you have a question. To be honest, my web host gives me a small commission each time I help someone set up their blog. That way, we both get a return on our time investment. But it doesn’t come out of your pocket. So don’t be shy.

Let me know if you need anything.

Cheers to your blog success,