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Can You Please Help Me Set Up My Blog?

Yes! I will definitely do my best to help. All the information you need to set up a new blog is found in the first four steps of my guide. Simply start with Step 1 and then proceed in chronological order. My goal while creating the guide was to make it simple and easy to follow for someone who has no internet experience or any website technical experience. If for some reason you do need help somewhere in steps 1-4, your best source for technical support help is to contact the Bluehost Help Center. They offer a customer service representative 24/7, along with user guide, tutorials and hundreds of articles.

What Should I Blog About?

I get this question a lot.

One of the first things I suggest is to narrow down your ideas. Most of us have many different topics we find interesting and want to write about. That’s the sign of a well rounded person, which is great, yet you don’t want your blog to cover several different topics together. This hinders your blog success because most visitors to your blog are looking for specific information. Only someone who is already a well known celebrity can post random thoughts on various topics and still grow an audience.

For example, if you write about playing chess one day, then talk about dog obedience training a few days later, then write about tips to having a great marriage the next week, people are going to lose interest fast. You won’t be able to build an email list that way….people will click “unsubscribe” the first time you share a post on a topic they don’t care about.

That’s why it’s important to focus on one topic, like ice cream for example. When you have that focus, you’ll know that everyone who subscribes to your email newsletter is interested in ice cream and will likely stick around as long as you blog continues to provide useful and interesting information.

[tweetthis]To help narrow your blog niche down to the perfect niche for you, think about which topics interest you the most.[/tweetthis] What are you passionate about? Whatever it is that makes you jump out of bed every morning with excitement and eagerness to start “working” is most likely a good choice for your blog niche.

How Much is This Going to Cost?

Normally your blog setup with Bluehost will be $42 for the first full year of service. That is the case as long as you do not order any “extras” in the process. Make sure the boxes of extras are all unchecked as you fill in your information with Bluehost.  This cost includes your domain name.  You can register your domain with Bluehost.

[tweetthis]Bluehost also offers an “anytime money back guarantee.”[/tweetthis]

After your initial term is finished, your hosting renewal service rate with Bluehost will depend on which Bluehost hosting renewal plan you choose twelve months later.

I Bought My Domain Name Through a Different Registrar. Can I Still Setup My Blog through Your Setup Guide?
Yes, you can transfer your domain from your current domain provider to Bluehost. They have a comprehensive guide called Domain Transfer: How to Transfer to Bluehost where they offer complete instructions, including a video walkthrough.

What Do You Think of My Domain Name?

I’ll normally give someone feedback when they ask me what my first impression is of the domain name they’re considering. Usually my response is based on how “clear, concise and compelling” the domain name is, and also the potential it has to help people find your blog and the degree to which it helps with marketing your blog or not.

Your domain name is ultimately up to you. There are important factors to choosing a domain name for your blog. So if you need help on how to go about getting a domain name, there’s an in depth article on the blog called Crash Course on Finding the Best Domain Names and Hosting Service for Your Blog…be sure to read through the first half that covers domains. This should provide some help with your decision.

I do not see my blog, the website says Under Construction?

This sort of thing happens often, so not to worry.  It’s actually a glitch on Bluehost’s end so here’s what you got to do to have your site up and running. Simply visit Bluehost (click here to do so) and click on their live chat box and let them know that they need to ‘update your index.php as default’. It’s a super quick fix and they should handle it within minutes. Once they handle that you can continue with Step 3 in my guide to configure your blog in WordPress.

What is the difference between WordPress and Bluehost?

Here is the breakdown; Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is basically a software installed on your website that allows you to manage all your content with ease. Bluehost is the web-host. Web hosts provide the online storage that all blogs need. The host also allows visitors to access your blog.

WordPress is free and you install it on your website once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting. Hosting with Bluehost for a year will cost about $42 bucks without all the extras.

How do I customize my blog?

Customizing your blog, to change the font for example, gets a little tricky as you will need to get into html codes to do this. Your best bet to customize your blog, with the font, menu and images would be to get a theme.  WordPress offers free themes, and you may also purchase themes through other sites.  I personally love Mojo’s design themes.  They really compliment your blog to make it look more professional and enhanced. You can choose from tons of themes right here on Mojo’s site.

How often should I post in my blog?

I think how often you post depends on you and the content of your blog.  You can post daily if you want, especially to get more attention to your blog at first, where you can provide short snippets of information or inspirational messages to your viewers. Once a week can be longer posts, with more information, details and pictures.  It really depends on you and how much value you are putting into your posts. In Step 5 you will learn about the foundation of a solid blog with adding questions for your readers, great slogans, what pictures can do for your posts and more.