How to Start a Baking Blog
A Step by Step Dummy Proof Guide

picture of sweet cakes

Everyone loves baking or baked food. If you have a passion of baking, then you should share your passion with the world. Baking blogging gives you an opportunity to share your delicious recipe with the world and at the same time connects you to people who share the baking passion.

Today I come to you as a passionate blogger happy to teach you how to start your own baking blog. You don’t need to hire “web experts” or “code geniuses” to have your baking blog. I have a simple three step guide that will teach you how to have a blog up and running in no time.

I have divided my guide into two parts; a 3 step guide and a step-by-step video tutorial. To follow these steps requires no knowledge in web design or web development. So get your apron on and your baking soda on the counter top…

How to start your own Baking Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Can you open a web browser? ☑ Can you browse the internet for half an hour without asking for assistance? ☑. Then you have all it takes to create your own baking blog within half an hour. I have created a three-step guide on how to set up your own baking blog followed by a step-by-step video tutorial to give you hands on experience…

1. Choose and Buy Your Domain

Your domain name (also referred to as a URL or web address) is your brand. It is your online identity. Since the domain name will be your brand, make it simple, easy to remember and recognizable. A good domain name should be something like I found out that a .com or .net extension are easy for visitors to remember plus, the browsers always auto-completes them for the lazy guys, like everyone else on the internet.

You can buy your domain name but if you are into the idea of saving a few dollars, then I know of these guys called BlueHost who will give you a free Domain name just for buying their hosting package (I will preach this gospel next)…

2. Sign Up for Hosting

A web host is a remote computer where everything on your blog site is stored. Once you start getting traffic to your site, your web host will be your make or break. Choosing a good web host is priority. Since I have decided to play Santa today, I will tell you about the most reliable host provider I have come across on the internet: BlueHost (I bet you guessed that right). I always recommend Bluehost for hosting because:

a. It is so easy to use

b. Signing up takes just moments

c. You get a free domain once you purchase a hosting package

d. They offer excellent 24/7 customer support if needed

e. It gives you all the space you need to store your videos and other media files

[Disclosure] BlueHost gives me a small commission for my referral and it doesn’t add anything to your cost. This helps me continue to provide lots of free information for bloggers.

3. Install WordPress

Finally, you will need to install an engine to power your blog site. WordPress. WordPress is the software that will drive your blog. Your visitors will interact with WordPress more than any other element of your blog. Installing WordPress on BlueHost, is a simple one click affair.

If you found the text description to be vague, I’ve created a simple video that will walk you through each of these steps so you can see how it is done yourself. Watch this video, and then follow the link, which will bring you to BlueHost where you can purchase your domain and hosting.

Tips for the Beginner Baking Blogger

Congratulations for creating your own blog. Cheers! Let’s drink to that. Now you will need to make your blog site ready for your first visitor. You need to add content. I have given you some few tips to ensure you have kicker content and steady flow of web traffic to your blog site.

  • Get connected
    Baking blogging is not only about food as it is about the community too. It is not rocket science that you need to get well connected with other bloggers in order to market yourself and attract new readers to your newly created blog! Adopt a habit of guest posting on other people’s blogs and commenting on their post. Remember to always leave a link to your blog after every comment.
  • Spread the Gospel
    The best way to get the word out there is to make use of social media. Start a Facebook page/group for your blog, get a Twitter account and sign up a Pinterest Page, all using the name of your brand new blog. Also don’t underestimate the power of Instagram for sharing pictures of your newly baked cupcakes.
  • Content is key
    It is fun getting your blog up and running all by yourself, but you will come to realize that content is still the most important part of having a baking blog. I recommend that you blog about what you love – Do not try and copy what other bloggers are blogging about. When you write about your interests, it will be more engaging and you will be in a position to build up a like-minded readership.
  • Patience pays
    Blogging can be the most fun activity you can ever engage in while online. However, it can be very involving and at times you may feel like your hard work is not being reciprocated. You will definitely struggle to drive traffic to your website in the first few weeks but the success of your blog will depend on how patient you are.
  • Videos and Photos never disappoint
    I presume that you’ll choose a nice theme that supports posting of photos and videos. Regardless of what baking topic you’re blogging about, always use relevant photos to complement the key points. Videos are also necessarily for tutorials and recipes.

Best Free & Paid WordPress Themes for your Baking blog

If you want to really show off your amazing baking blog, you’ll have to get a good WordPress theme. I found a whole bunch of baking WordPress themes I know you will love.

Premium Themes

Cost: $48


One thing I like about this theme is the colour scheme. The theme is visually attractive for lack of a better word. The layout is fully responsive and is adaptable to several devices. Every aspect of this theme can be customized without the need for any coding language.

Cost: $43


WindCake defines simplicity. It is a unique, colorful and easy to manage one page theme. It comes with four different colour schemes to choose from. You will not have to worry about mobile users since this theme adapts to different devices.

Dine & Drink
Cost: $48


I can describe this theme in three words; clean, modern and fully responsive. Besides being an eye candy, Dine and Drink is highly customizable with unlimited color variations and over 600 fonts. You will fancy the image slider, Font Awesome integration, and the 3 different Food Menu layouts.

Free themes



I am going to get all emotional while describing this theme. CandySHOPPE is designed with a delicious drop of simplicity, a scoop of minimalism. The layout is a healthy helping of elegance and the color scheme is a taste buds fiesta. As it can be easily edited and modified, it can be a basis for your web app, web service or product. Plug & Play™ or dig right into the well commented code, hack it up, and make it your own!



This theme comes with a customizable background, unlimited color choices, various post-format, stunning featured images and much more. This theme is deliberately fashioned with a simple yet beautiful layout design suitable for exhibiting visual contents

Recommended WordPress Plugins for Baking Blogs

A WordPress plugin is a small application that you install on your blog to enhance your theme or add special features. There are thousands of plugins to choose from but here are a few of my favourites.

  • Disqus – Drop-in replacement for the boring standard WordPress commenting system – offering a range of login options, share buttons, spam protection, user tagging, and more.
  • PollDaddy – Poll your readers for their opinions with a multiple choice survey, or ask them to rate posts or products – PollDaddy has it all, and is completely free.
  • Fluid Video Embeds – Nothing complicated, but WordPress can make a mess of inserting the right video sizes. This plugin scales them appropriately, and keeps the correct aspect ratio. Install and activate.
  • WP-Backgrounds II – Adds full screen background image/video/YouTube video slideshow into your blog.
  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – Industry standard and essential install for every website. Extensive feature set, including XML sitemap generation and indexing control of archive

Great Baking Blogs to Network With and Be Inspired By

In order to become a top blogger, you must start from somewhere. The best way to get inspiration and ideas for your own baking blog is by visiting and networking with already established bloggers. Here are a few to get your ball rolling…

  1. Bake at 350
  2. Eat the Love
  3. Joy the Baker
  4. Tutti Dolci
  5. Butter Cream Blondie

Final words

Starting a baking blog is a good way to spend your spare time. It is a fun way to expand your knowledge in baking and make some income while at it. This all depends on your determination and what you put into the work. I hope these tips were helpful. I am looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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