How to Start a Style Blog
A Step by Step Dummy Proof Guide


Hello there. If you are reading this, you are probably a style enthusiastic. I appreciate that you have found it necessary to start your own blog and trust me this is a very genius move. There’s no need to stay with your style tips and opinions. You can share them to the world quite easily.

Let me introduce you to style blogging. This niche of blogging is crowded. It is perhaps the oldest form of blogging out there. You will need to bring your A game here otherwise; your blog will not see the 10 visitors.

Sorry to scare you, but I wish I was joking. Nevertheless, there are no rules in the game. You create your rules. Style blogging is an art just like style itself. It will depend on your passion and your talent and I believe you are talented.

This is an easy to follow tutorial on creating your own blog. This tutorial is for everyone regardless of whether you have prior knowledge in coding or not. I have made it as simple as it can get. The first part is a three step guide then followed by a step-by-step video tutorial. If you follow this carefully, you will have your blog in thirty minutes…

How to start your own Style Blog in 3 Simple Steps

Do you have 20 minutes to spare? In just three steps, you will have your blog ready for exciting fitness 00. Get the champ11ses ready…

1. Choose and Buy Your Domain

A domain or web address is the name and address of your website. Your blog will most likely be referred by your domain name and thus it is very critical that you choose a name that is simple and easy to comprehend.

You can opt to buy a domain or you can get one for free simply by buying a hosting package from BlueHost (I will shed more light on this). A good domain name should have either a .com or net prefix, since they are easy to remember.

2. Sign Up for Hosting

A hosting provider is remote server that stores all your blog content including pictures and text. A good web host is important, especially when you start receiving more web traffic. I always recommend Bluehost for hosting because:

a. It is so easy to use

b. Signing up takes just moments, and they let you register your domain on their site as well.

c. If you purchase a hosting package, you get a free domain!

d. Their service is also very affordable so you don’t need to invest much at all to get your style blog started.

e. They offer excellent 24/7 customer support if needed.

[Disclosure] BlueHost gives me a small commission for my referral and it doesn’t add anything to your cost. This helps me continue to provide lots of free information for bloggers.

3. Install WordPress

You can now get your champagne chilled, you are just a step away from earning the title Fitness Blog owner. Finally, you will need to install WordPress. WordPress is the actual software that will run your website. Installing WordPress on BlueHost just takes one click.

If you need a visual step by step guide to creating your own fitness blog, I’ve created a simple video that will walk you through each of these steps so you can see how it is done yourself. Watch this video, and then follow the link, which will bring you to BlueHost where you can purchase your domain and hosting.

Tips for the beginner style blogger

Now that you have your blog set up, it is time for the real work to begin. You need to start blogging and ‘pimping’ your style blog. I have some few tips to help you get started on the right foot.

  • Get some great photos
    You cannot separate photography and style. They go hand in hand like Tiger Woods and a golfing club. You may opt to take your own photos if you have a good camera and the skill. You may also buy photos from other photographers or blogs, but you must make sure you have some great photos.
  • Networking
    You should make friends with other people in the industry otherwise you will be spending more than you’re earning. It is through networking that you will know the latest grapevine. You will find that if you network really well, you will get front row seats in events and have access to the best photographs.
  • Think five years ahead
    Come up with a future plan that stipulates where you want to be. You might be just starting, but believe me, you will need to think like someone who’s already established. Your visitors will feel the confidence in your articles and they will treat you more professionally.
  • Promote Yourself
    You must let them know that you have a blog and you are proud of it. Take to you social media and share links with your friends and other interested parties. Remember, there’s sharing links and there’s spamming. Only share your blog link to someone who looks interested in style. A solid social media strategy will put your blog on the map: create a Twitter account, set up a Facebook fan page and have all your photos all over Instagram. The more visible you are, the more opportunity you have to make an impression on fashion fans.
  • Focus on evergreen content
    Evergreen content is one which doesn’t have an expiring timeline. Avoid committing yourself to dates (I mean dates on a calendar). This is a key point to running a successful blog. To learn how to master writing evergreen content, copy from established bloggers, but make sure to either cite your source or turn the content to be your own.

Top Free & Paid WordPress Themes for Style Blogs

A theme is the second most important aspect of your Style blog (obviously after the domain name). Luckily enough, there are thousands of WordPress themes at your disposal and I have compiled a list of the top five themes both free and premium.

Premium themes

Cost: $79.95


Its clean and minimalist design allows for your outfits and accessories to be the display, rather than just on display. The theme’s eight color options allow you to easily customize your site with the current season’s trends and provide just the right accent.

Fashion Blog
Cost: $39


Its simplicity aside, Style Blog is a solid theme, well suited for devices of every shape and size, and complete with multiple page layouts and a ‘fully-loaded’ options panel. There’s a fine line between plain and pretty, so with style Blog, it’s ultimately down to your personal opinion.



Angel is a great theme to showcase a portfolio and will do so beautifully. It’s perfect for fashion models, agencies and photographers alike. In addition to being fully responsive, Angel uses up-to-date CSS3 and HTML5 practices to ensure a future-proof theme.

Free Themes



Pictorico is a gorgeous, grid-based portfolio theme. Pictorico places all of your posts’ featured images into a stylish image grid — if you don’t use a featured image, the theme uses a bold background color instead.

GK Portfolio


If you want to make your images the focal point of your website, the free, responsive GK Portfolio theme is a great option. The theme was developed for photographers and other creatives looking for a sophisticated website to show off their work.

Recommended WordPress Plugins for Style Blogs

WordPress plugins are little web applications that extend the functionality of your WordPress theme in certain areas. I have compiled five WordPress plugins that I believe will improve user experience on your style blog. There are thousands of other web plugins you can use on your site.

  • Related Posts – This plugin adds related posts automatically after every post. If you have this plugin, visitors will be tempted to explore other posts on your website. This can mean more social media sharing and increased views!
  • WordPress SEO by Yost -It helps improve your search engine ranking. I can never find enough terms to describe the importance of SEO.
  • RSVP Plugin – makes rsvp’ing easy as possible for guests. Never allow your visitors to miss an event.
  • JR_Embed – Try moving a mountain. Now try separating fashion from videos. I know you want to feature some music videos on your site. This is the best plugin since it comes with an inbuilt player that supports several qualities of videos.
  • CommentLuv – Bloggers love to comment to other bloggers – this is a fact. Why not show them some “luv” by using this plugin, which lists their last post (via RSS) as a link directly below their comment?

Great Style Blogs to Network With and Be Inspired By

Now that you have everything set up it is time to look at the established guys out there. The sole purpose of visiting other blogs is to get inspiration and ideas for your own blog. By inspiration, I don’t mean copying what the big boys are doing. Remember a good blog should be unique and not a mere copy-paste thing. Here are five well designed and frequently updated style blogs you can look at.

  1. Bryan Boy
  2. Go Fug Yourself
  3. The Lingerie Addict
  4. The Beauty Department

Final Words

Congratulations on your newly created blog. I know it is not really want you want it to be but trust me with time you will have what you want. It is very important that you make the effort to try and be completely fabulous with your new blog’s content because even if you don’t quite hit it the first few times you will still get people’s attention.

I would love to share more with you about style blogging and fashion blogging in general. In order to keep in touch and up to date with the latest trends in fashion blogging, sign up for my free newsletter. Once you sign up, I’ll send you periodic emails with valuable information.