Step 1: The Basics of starting a blog

15 minutes for your blogIn 15 minutes or less, most people can get their blog set up with the guidance found in step 2.

Don’t feel bad if you hit a snag, as some people do end up getting stuck now and then. If that’s you, please contact me so I can help you get back on track.

I’m here for you.

Before starting your blog with step 2, there are two important decisions you must make first:

Decision One: Pick your domain name.
Decision Two: Select your blog host.

Already have a domain name picked out? Jump to Step 2

Picking a Domain Name

The domain name of my blog is That’s where people find me on the web.

Unless you have a good reason to target your blog audience within a particular country, I would advise you to using a .com, .net or .org name. (Only bloggers who need to focus their domain on a country should use an extension like or any other national extension.)

Audiences around the world can immediately recognize a .com or .net domain name, which is a beautiful thing…why limit your blog when you can attract a Global audience, right?

Keep in Mind: There is only ONE form of punctuation you can use in a domain name: the dash. Example:

What matters most is Your level of happiness with the domain you choose. After you decide, then you are ready for decision #2.

Check now if your domain is available!

Pick a Web Host

This is another highly important decision.

Web hosts provide the online storage that all blogs need. The host also allows visitors to access your blog.

Choosing a free host or a lousy host is not the way to go, unless you want a bad experience. Don’t go there.

Find a host you can trust with your baby (your blog), so you won’t end up paying someone to repair or reboot your blog after your really cheap host lets you down.

After using many other hosts over time like Host Gator, Go Daddy, 1 and 1, FatCow, & Host Monster, I have found Bluehost to be exceptional.
You can’t beat their customer service with 24/7 support thru chat, email or phone. And their blog set up is stress free.

They also give a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee, No questions asked.

Since Bluehost is so good, their rates tend to be higher than many other hosts. But the good news for you is that Bluehost agreed to give a huge discount for Build Your Own Blog users.

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I have been happy with the hosting service Bluehost provides for my websites. They provide great customer service, which enables me to recommend them to you with confidence.

Help I’m Here to Help!

Guarantee: If you can’t get your blog online within 15 minutes by following the screenshots in step 2, I’ll complete the process for you.

And, I won’t charge you a dime. Bluehost compensates me in this situation so that you don’t have to. Contact me here if you need me.