Step 2: Setting Up Your Blog

Click this link to open Blue Host in a new tab, and follow the steps in this video to set up your blog in less than 15 minutes.

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Click here to view the screenshots based step-by-step guide

Click here to view the screenshots based step-by-step guide

1. Open Blue Host and then click this button, “get started now.”



2. The next thing you will see is a choice of three different plans. You can choose whichever one best fits your needs. However, I highly recommend the Prime or Plus plan because it offers some great features for free that will help you grow much faster.

Here’s what the Prime plan provides that the Basic does not:

–Unlimited amount of websites

–Unlimited amount of email accounts and email storage

–Domain privacy and site backup pro is included



If you need to select the Basic plan, just know that you can always add these features to your blog later on.Whichever you choose, just click “select” and you will continue.

Whichever you choose, just click “select” and you will continue.


LISTEN UP: You are going to get billed for hosting only one time, regardless of what plan you choose. So don’t let that scare you, it’s actually more convenient that way. Again, you’re only going to be billed one time, and I just wanted you to know that up front.



3. Here, you will see a choice of two paths to take to get your domain. If you already own a domain from another registrar (like Go Daddy) you can transfer that domain to Blue Host. Just put this domain name you already own into the box on the right.

If you are grabbing a new domain name for the first time, you will put that into the box on the left to see if its available. Then click “next.”

domain selection


4. Once you find the domain you want, you will see this page that says “congratulations” at the top. You might need to make a slight revision on your domain to get one. For example,, here I select  If I had typed this in the first time and saw that it was already taken, I might simply change the suffix of the domain and grab . Or I might have revised it to be .  So, if your first choice isn’t available, you don’t have to totally give up on it. See if you can come up with something similar.

Once you do, then you begin typing in your account information as seen below.

image (3)

5. After you put in your account information, scroll down and select your package. You can uncheck all the extras listed below. You don’t need them. You can always add them later.

Important note about the package selection: As you can see here, the 36 month and 60 month plans offer the lowest monthly rate, saving you money in the long run. 



Then simply put in your billing information.



6. Make sure all the boxes for extras are unchecked so they’re not added to your cart. When your done, click the green button “next”.


7. Here, you don’t need any of these upgrades. Just skip them.


8. You don’t need any additional domains either. You can scroll on down and click “complete” as seen below.


9. Your purchase is now complete. Time to create your password, so click “create your password” like you see below.


10. Now it’s time to create your password that logs you into your Blue Host control panel. Make sure the “I confirm” box below is checked, then create your password.


11. Now you can use your new password here to log into your Blue Host control panel.


12. Now you’re inside the control panel. You may see a “free trial” like this one for an email tool called Constant Contact. You don’t need this, so just click at the bottom where it says, “No thanks, I’m not interested.”


13. At this point, you have a choice that is really cool….if you feel confident enough to download WordPress to your blog, you can do it yourself by clicking “i can do it.” This is the quickest way to finish the process and really is pretty simple. But, if you are not feeling confident and you want some help, you can click “do it for me” and someone with Blue Host will finish the WordPress set up for you. Very cool. So if you do get confused here, know that Blue Host is able to help you finish. It just might take a little longer than 15 minutes overall.


14. So, if you do go forward yourself, this is what you’ll see next (below.) You can click “close this guide” and move forward.


15. Next, you want to find the WordPress icon where it says “Install WordPress” below the WordPress logo as seen below. Click on that to continue…


16. When ready, click “Install“.


17. Next, you will see your domain there and you will then click “Check Domain.”


18. Last step! Just check the box that says you have read the terms and conditions, then click “Install Now.”



Your install is complete. You should see this at the top of the page.

Free Domain

Finished? Congratulations!
Click here to go to step 3 where I show you how to configure your WordPress blog like a pro.