How to Edit Your Content Like a Master (and By Yourself!)

How to edit your blog content

In a perfect world, we’d have an editor/proofreader at our beck and call to review all our content before it publishes.

I can hear you laughing!

And I know well that most of us have neither the funds nor the time built into our content creation schedules to benefit from the finishing touches a great editor can provide.

The reality is that many of us have to edit our own content.

This may seem like an impossible task, but in this section, I’m going to share a few techniques that will make it doable. Continue reading…

How to Be a Prolific Blogger Who Churns Out Great Posts [EP 17 The Blog Chronicles]

How to Be a Prolific Blogger


My guest has been a prolific blogger for over ten years.

He is also a published author, website designer, social media expert and speaker who works from home, consistently producing content that helps website owners become more efficient with their blogs, build their own tribes and boost their online sales.

Let’s get our chronicle on with Mike Allton…

On this blog chronicle Mike Allton shares:

–His personal blogging journey
–How to come up with an endless supply of post ideas
–His best source for blog traffic
–His biggest blogging strengths and weaknesses
–Which social media platforms work best for getting traffic
–Which monetizations work for him and which don’t

Continue reading…