5 Blogging Lessons I Have Learned from Becoming a Runner

**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**


I just ran 10 miles.

I’d like to say, no sweat, but water poured off me not unlike the drowning deluges we experienced when living in the remote jungles of Costa Rica.

Make no mistake about it; even though I sweated like a fat pig, the run was easy for me. Super easy. I nose-breathed for the entire 10 miles. No huffing. No puffing.

I could have easily done another 2-4 miles.

But I learned that being pulled by inspiration and fun and *not* pushing myself is the secret to my stunning progress after only 3 months of training.

Running Ryan learned some hyper helpful blogging lessons from his running sessions too (bonus lesson; blog about yourself in the 3rd person only if an opportunity for alliteration arises). Continue reading…

3 Sneaky Tactics that Put Your Precious Email Newsletter in the Junk Folder

email newsletter tips

**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

The other day I was walking down Central Park West. Some of the wealthiest real estate on earth.

One block from where we are house sitting lays the San Remo. Tiger Woods, Steve Spielberg and a whole array of celebs have lived there. Or may still live there. Demi Moore just sold her triplex in this building for the stars for $45 million last month.

Yet when I walked in front of this luxury hideaway – spying a sick Lamborghini parked out front – I stepped in gum. Darn. Sticky gum too.

Annoyed as heck, I forgot all about being in one of the wealthiest zip codes on earth because that silly, annoying, agitating moment forced me to focus on the mindless nitwit who spit out their gum on the sidewalk.

I hope it wasn’t Steve Martin. Continue reading…

1 Freeing Blogging Concept that Erases Your Struggles Stupid Quickly

My name is Ryan Biddulph.

I am addicted to leveling up.

Sometimes I write 25 guest posts per week.

Other times I write 10 blog comments daily. REALLY long blog comments.

I don’t accomplish these things to brag about my volume of work. I don’t write this much because I feel this is what it takes to succeed. That is hogwash.

I share because I care. About you.

I want you to erase your blogging struggles quickly.

I do stuff that may seem supernatural to most bloggers by intending to master the concept I will share in this post. Continue reading…

4 Blogging Lessons Learned from Riding a Motorbike in Southeast Asia

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**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

I have eaten pavement in Bali.

I have enjoyed some of the world’s most stunning views in Phuket, Thailand.

Riding a motorbike through Southeast Asia over a 2-year stretch has blessed me with a wide range of experiences.

Oh yeah; I also gleaned a few key blogging lessons from these rides to help you build a successful blog.

Put on your helmet, pack your bribe money, pull back on the throttle and enjoy the ride. Continue reading…

How Influencer Marketing Can Help You Become a More Successful Blogger

Influencer marketing has gotten extremely popular in the past few years.

The reason for this is that social media offers ‘regular’ people a way to reach a certain influence over a group of people, and bloggers and businesses are making use of this as it helps them reach a larger audience.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how influencer marketing can help you become a more successful blogger. Continue reading…

4 Objections to Leaving Hellish Hosting and How to Conquer these Devilish Demons

How to start a blog

**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

Hellish hosting.

Most of us bloggers have been there at one time or another.

At least the cheapskates have.

Or, the former cheapskates.

I learned a painful but valuable lesson many moons ago. Because I clung to a bad hosting package like a baby clings to its rattle. For way too long.

Things only started to take off with my old and new blog after I ditched my old hosting solution to upgrade to a premium, reliable hosting company.

I never looked back.

If you are having severe problems with your blog up time and speed see if you are clinging to any of these common objections to upgrading your web hosting. Continue reading…

How Lilach Bullock Left Her Corporate Job, Became a Blogging Expert & Found Work/Life Balance [EP 33 The Blog Chronicles]

work life balance

Here’s who we chronicle on this episode of The Blog Chronicles

She’s a savvy business owner living in greater London, England.

Before becoming a full-time blogger, she was working as a training manager for some big name clients like television personality Gordon Ramsay and Chef Jamie Oliver.

When her daughter was born, her employer wouldn’t let her go part time, so this future blogger knew something had to change.

Today she is a highly sought after digital marketing consultant. What she does is help businesses with their digital marketing and social media. And she is a frequent speaker at social media conferences like Social Media Marketing World.

And listen to this: Forbes has recognized my next guest today by listing her in the top 20 of women social influencers. And Oracle gave her the title of “Social Influencer of Europe.”

In this interview, Lilach talks about where she started as a blogger, why she chose to work for herself from home instead of her corporate trainer job, and we ask her about some of her blogging tips in the second half of our conversation. Continue reading…

4 Common Limiting Beliefs New Bloggers Need to Pulverize

Ryan Biddulph


**Another useful yet entertaining guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

You feel terrified.

You may even break into cold sweats.

I vividly remember my new blogger days. Fear dominated my mind. I was just a loser security officer. A fired security officer. I didn’t know SEO from a CEO.

But here I am today. Blogging from paradise.

I learned how to pulverize my beginner limiting beliefs to live my dreams.

If you’re a lost, confused new blogger I feel your pain. I have been there.

Today I want to help you navigate through this seemingly overpowering torment of excited and terrified feelings by eviscerating 4 commonly held new blogger limiting beliefs. Continue reading…

How to Right a Sinking Blogging Ship (or How to Bail and Find a New Ship)


**This is a guest post from Ryan Biddulph**

The boldest move of my blogging career involved:

–deleting 3,400 blog posts
–trashing my old blog
–trashing my old brand
–releasing my online cash flow streams

Each move made way for Blogging From Paradise.

In a world where bloggers whine on parting with a single blog post, the idea of deleting 3,400 posts, an entire blog and your brand may induce vomiting. But you never truly grow until you let go.

Sometimes you need not delete the blog. All it takes is a few adjustments to right a sinking blogging ship. Continue reading…

Blog Commenting Secrets from the Engagement Superstar

blog commenting

Are you a lonely blogger?

If you feel isolated, like your blog is a desert island and the internet is an ocean, I know a way to get you “rescued.”

There is one simple thing you can do that will draw attention to your existence and will not only save your life (get new traffic) as a blogger, you will chase away loneliness and make a lot of new friends in the process. Continue reading…