How to Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard from Your Bluehost Account

how to log in to your wordpress dashboard

Having trouble logging in to your WordPress dashboard?

It happens.

Sometimes an unexplainable glitch occurs or maybe there’s an explanation, but hey, you’re new to blogging so you can’t be expected to know everything.

If you still cannot log in to your WordPress dashboard even after changing the password, or you can’t seem to change the password, I found a handy little trick to get you where you want to go. Continue reading…

How to Install Jetpack in 2 Minutes and 18 Seconds

how to install Jetpack

Millions like me <3

Why? Because a self-hosted WordPress blog provides you with freedom.

Freedom to design and create your website however you want. Versatility is what you get thanks to a variety of plugins.

All you have to do is install them and occasionally update the individual plugins you choose to use.

This is pretty easy because there is a popular plugin called Jetpack that consolidates all of your separate plugin features into one single plugin that is user-friendly and is installed and maintained as easily as any other plugin. Continue reading…

How to Add Links to Your WordPress Blog

how to add links to your wordpress blog

One of the first things a new blogger who is ready to create content wants to learn is how to add links into their posts.

If you want to add links from your website to other web pages (and you should) this will show you how it’s done.

Also, if you want to link to another website in your sidebar menu, the second half of this post below shows you how.

Adding links makes your content more useful to readers. They will appreciate finding helpful links included in your material, saving them time of having to look things up. Plus this connects you with others online and only makes “The Web” more interconnected–which provides a better service to all!

Let’s get started… Continue reading…

How to Make Your WordPress Blog Private

how to make your wordpress blog private

Why would you want to make your WordPress blog private?

Well, here are some of the more common reasons…

1. You only want certain individuals to see it, like your staff or your family.

2. You are treating it like a personal diary so nobody gets access to it (at least for now.)

3. You are still working on the design or architecture of the website and don’t want people to find it until you are ready.

Whatever reason you have is your business, not ours. Today, I want to show you how to make your WordPress blog private with ease. Continue reading…

How to Remove a Page Title in WordPress

how to remove a title in wordpress

WordPress is a versatile platform.

That’s why so many people use it–pretty much any website you can think of can you use it. With its open-source software and extensive catalog of available plugins, any blogger can put it to good use.

Many people want the creative freedom to build a site that is unique, and you can certainly do that. All you need (aside from getting professional help if you can budget that) is to make some simple tweaks and changes that might not feel right at first…tweaks like removing headers and page titles. Continue reading…

How to Move Your Site from Joomla to WordPress

how to move your site from joomla to wordpress

Ready to ditch Joomla for WordPress?

Joomla does provide a quality website for those who are technically sophisticated enough to use it.

You may know this from experience and are now looking to move your blog platform away from this complex content management system to a more user-friendly WordPress blog.

If so, you came to the right place! Continue reading…

How to Change Your Text Size and Color in WordPress

Heads Up! Are you using a blog? The following tutorial only works for the self hosted version of WordPress. Users still on will find some differences in these instructions. To boost your blog using the most powerful form of WordPress, you can transfer your blog to How that’s done is coming soon!  

Creating a post in WordPress is simple. You will notice several text options atop the post editor inside the dashboard–like bold, italics, and strikethrough.

Is that all? What if you want to adjust the size of the text font? Or change the color?

Today I’m going to show you how to change your text size and color in WordPress. Continue reading… vs .org is like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of the Blog

Bob liked to surf the internet at night in the dark. Keeping the lights off provided a stunning view of the Blogopolis cityscape stretched out below his bedroom window on the 56th floor.

All was quiet on this chilly evening.

Bob started searching again for more information on blogging. This was the seventh evening in a row he researched this topic. Already, his mind was so full of information that he couldn’t decide what to do next to get started…

“Whoa! What…” Bob jerked his body toward the door. A sudden banging noise coming from the front area of his condominium sounded like trouble. Bob bumped his cell phone off the desk onto the floor.

Dropping down in the dark to find the mobile device, all he could think about was 9-1-1. Continue reading…