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build your own blog reviews

Cathy Wentz 

Blogger at Polly Healthcare dot net

“Matthew Kaboomis Loomis has been very helpful to me as a blog coach. He assisted me with technical issues on my blog as well as giving me lots of advice for promoting my blog and improving my posts. He is very knowledgeable and has shared so much of that knowledge with me. I feel that I can move forward in my blogging efforts with more confidence.”


build your own blog reviews

Lauren Golden

Blogger at The Free Mama Movement dot com

“Matt doesn’t leave you after the setup process is complete. He continues to answer commons questions, as well as offer tips and trends in his own blog posts.
I also love that he provides inspiration by sharing success stories from other bloggers.”


build your own blog reviews


Blogger at Patrick’s BBQ Trail dot com

“The setup went very well. I believe I hit one snag and sent you an e-mail for help. You replied overnight (we’re in different time zones) and I was able to work out my bugs the next day. The guide was very simple to follow along with….I’ve had many e-mails back and forth with you for advice which I value very much. You have helped to guide me in what I think is the right direction.”