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Our Blog Post Ideas Generator:

Blog post ideas generators help inspire bloggers in creating fresh, enticing, clickable content.

While clicking on ‘generate blog post idea’ you can get an idea about what you can write. In our blog post ideas generator, we from have more than 300 blog post ideas for you.

What is a blog post?

A blog post is a piece of writing or other item of content published on a blog.

Upon writing a blog post there are specific steps you can follow:Generate your idea, know your audience, write compelling headlines, break the page using subheadings, use bullet points and images and optimise for SEO.

The blog post generator will give you blog post ideas, helping you to generate standout blog topics, titles and content.

So, whether your writing your first blog post or a new blog post or just looking for personal blog post ideas, it will help get those creative writing juices flowing.

First blog post – What to write?

Writing your first blog post can be a daunting experience – what to write? how to construct? who to target? – these questions can go racing around in the mind.

There are many online blog post examples, but your first blog post should outline: Who you are? Why your blogging and what about? Who are you writing for – audience? What your targets and goals are? 

The most critical decision is choosing your blog topics you will be writing about.

A content idea generator is known to help triple online traffic to blog websites and can inspire you in choosing the right titles and content for your blog posts.

How to get a blog post idea?

In choosing your blog post ideas, our blog generator can take the hassle out of your research with 100’s of blog post ideas that are sure to inspire.

Turning that blank space into content that attracts and engages people is the key to successful blogging.

So, how do bloggers keep the blog post ideas flowing constantly ensuring consistent traffic, leads and conversions?

Use traditional Keyword Research

Investigating which keyword terms users are typing into search engines, enabling you to build your content around those words, so your content ranks higher in search results is known as Keyword Research.

By using this common-sense approach and building your content with these keywords your content will rank high in search engines, meaning people are more likely to click on your blog.

Which will give you additional traffic, leads and more followers to your blogs, making your site profitable.  

You can also research your competitors to see how the keywords they are using rank for the specific blog post idea you are interested in.

By performing this research, you can use their ranking keywords to help you choose blog post ideas and topics to write about.

It can also outline blog post ideas and topics your competitors maybe lacking in, giving you the opportunity to capitalize.

Amazon Book List

Researching Amazon book lists and titles can also help in selecting a good blog post idea.

For example, if you are writing a health and fitness blog by clicking on ‘Amazon books’ it may help you with your blog or in writing about subcategories such as ‘Healthy Eating’ or ‘Exercising’.

Find Trendy Topics 

Being up to speed with the latest online trending topics can aid your post blog ideas, there are many online tools which can work as blog topic generators.

One of these online tools is ‘BuzzSumo’ which is a fantastic resource for finding trendy topics and key influencers helping to generate blog topic ideas.

By performing a search on a topic, keyword or domain, results are filtered across social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ and Linkedin by the number of total shares.

You will get a feel for what is trending by simply skimming the headlines returned in the search.

BuzzSumo pro version is available for $79.00pm with an enterprise version costing $499+ per month.

Another tool is Ahrefs upon a user entering a domain into Ahref’s site explorer its top pages report will generate a list of the most popular content on that site.

Ahrefs will also outline keywords and phrases through its ‘keywords explorer’ which may inspire the next topics for your blog post.

This tool is priced from $99.00 (Lite Version) right up to $399.00 (Advanced Version) for individuals and enterprise licences start from $999.00.

Use a tool to generate questions

It is also worthwhile generating questions for your content, through a questions content idea generator.

By understanding and being able to answer your audience questions through your blog content, will make you a thought leader and help generate organic traffic.

Online tools such as Quora provide a massive database of questions and answers, while Ubersuggest is a free tool which aggregates data from Google suggest in generating hundreds of new long tail keywords over a few minutes.

Brainstorm Problems from Users or customers

Blog idea generators are extremely helpful but one of the most powerful creative tools in generating blog ideas is brainstorming.

You can brainstorm specific problems and ideas with other bloggers, users or customers, inviting followers to leave a comment or send a message with their requests via social media.

It’s a great way to keep your blog fresh and interesting.

Find experts in your niche

You can also learn from experts in your niche, research the content and topics they write about, how they brand and design their website and the products and services they offer to help blog readers daily lives, solving their problems.

A great way to get content from experts and which may help you generate post ideas for your blog, is to interview the experts in your niche.

One of the most popular blog niche market ideas today is guest blogging, this can help increase your profile and the interest in your blog.

Don’t be afraid to make contact you maybe surprised with their willingness to help.

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